Sunetra Scheme Odisha – Free Eye Care Service

Sunetra Yojana Scheme Odisha – Free Eye Care Service [Eligibility, Registration Process]

The Sunetra Yojana scheme in Odisha is also known by the name of Mukhyamantri Chakshyu Jatna Karyakram. This universal eye health care facility will be given to all citizens of the state. However, in this relation, the health secretary PK Meherda is of the opinion that the eye care facilities should be made available in all government-run community centers, the district headquarters hospitals, medical colleges, and sub-divisional hospitals. This shall help patients belonging to every people of society to get adequate eye care facilities.

Sunetra Yojana Odisha

Launch details of the scheme

Name of scheme


Sunetra Yojana Odisha
Scheme has been launched in


Scheme has been launched by


Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik
Main of the scheme


To provide free eye care service in health centers
Beneficiaries of the scheme People of the state
Amount allotted for the scheme Rupees 680 crores has been given by the government for effective implementation during the first  five years


What are the highlighting features of the scheme?

  • Objective of the scheme – The main aim of the scheme is to strengthen the delivery of proper eye care facilities both in the eye care centers and health care centers. This would be coupled with the best infrastructure and facilities throughout the state.
  • Universal eye care – The above-said scheme will provide universal eye care to citizens of Odisha. In addition to this, it will offer free screening and medical facilities for eye-related diseases. The complete procedure of eye care will be done free of cost.
  • Latest technology facilities – Due to the launching of this scheme, the state government will strengthen the vision centers in which patients will get facilities such as mass screening for diabetic retinopathy along with lifetime treatment of glaucoma and related issues.
  • Free eye check-up – Free of cost eye care facilities will be given in all government hospitals and will not require any paperwork. So, you can get the facilities instantly without any delay. In addition, eye check-up program will be organized students. People will receive free glasses as part of this scheme.

However, scheme benefits will be given to patients suffering from cataract and getting treatment at government hospitals. This can be done without any such paperwork that would make the treatment fast. Also, all people of the state can get facilities of this free eye care scheme irrespective of their economic condition. Therefore, people across ages can apply for the scheme benefits.

Eligibility criteria and documents required for the scheme

  • Residents of state – The scheme benefits can be availed only by the citizens of Odisha. Candidates from other states cannot get benefits under this scheme.
  • Available for all– Irrespective of the annual income of the citizens, they can get benefits under the scheme. So, they do not have to submit their income certificate at the time of registration for the scheme.

However, the citizens applying for the scheme only have to submit their identity proof to support the claim that they are the native dwellers of the city. For this, they have to produce Aadhaar card, Voter Id card, or ration card. The interested candidates are requested to register in the local DHH, medical college, SDH or CHC to get the medical facilities.

How to apply for Sunetra Yojana Odisha?

At the time of eye checkup, the details of the interested patient will be taken for registration with the respective government health centers. This can be used for future reference. Also, it will help to check the history of patient’s eye care and provide the essential treatment in the future.

So, with proper implementation of the scheme, it is possible to improve the eye care facilities in the state. It would help people belonging to all levels of society.

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