[1 Lakh] Vahli Dikri Yojana in Gujarat 2019-20

Vahli Dikri (Vahalee Deekaree) Yojana In Gujarat 2019-20 (Beloved Dear Daughter Scheme) [Eligibility Criteria, Application Form Download Online Offline, Amount, Installment Details) Financial Assistance to girl child

Many states have already implemented schemes, which offer financial assistance to female students, aiding them to complete their education. The Gujarat government has decided to walk on the same path by announcing the Vahali Dikri Yojana. The scheme aims at offering financial support to the poor families, so that the female students can continue to go to school. At the end of the scheme tenure, beneficiaries will receive a big sum that will help the candidate either for marriage or to fund higher education. Here, you will get details about the features, eligibility, necessary papers and application procedures.

Gujarat Vahli Dikri Yojana

Name of the scheme Vahli Dikri Yojana
Launched in Gujarat
Launched by Vijay Rupani
Target beneficiaries Girl Child
Supervised by Gujarat government
Total financial assistance 110000 Rs in 3 installment

Key features of the Vahali Dikri scheme in Gujarat 

  1. Encouragement to female school student – Female students, from poor families, does not attain proper educational facilities like the male children do. The Gujarat government wants to ensure that every child has a shot at adequate education. With the implementation of this scheme, the government will offer financial assistance, so that parents of female students receive the boost to send their girls to school.
  2. Eliminating social evils – Child marriage is still active in rural areas, where parents marry off their young girls so that they don’t have to worry about the girls any more. With schemes like this in place, the parents will not think of wedding before the girl reaches the legal age.
  3. Financial assistance for the young females – Under this project, the Gujarat government has promised a financial assistance of Rs. 1,10,000 to every applicant who becomes a registered beneficiary. The entire amount will be deposited in the beneficiaries’ accounts in three separate installments.
  4. Grant available during school days – The state government will make two separate deposits in the accounts of the beneficiaries of this project. When the girl will take admission in class 1, then the sun of Rs. 4000 will be credited to her account. Again, when she successfully completes the 8th standard examination, and gets an admission in 9th standard, the government will credit her account with Rs. 6000.
  5. Grant available after 12th standard – After completing and passing the examination of class 12, the Gujarat government will make the transfer of Rs. 1 lakh in the bank accounts of the respective beneficiaries.
  6. Age to get the money – The registered beneficiary will be able to withdraw the sum of Rs. 1 lakh from her bank account once she attains the legal age of 18 years. She is free to use the funds for vocational training, higher education or to meet the expenses of marriage.

Eligibility and documents necessary for Vhali Dikri scheme in Gujarat  application

  1. Only for residents of Gujarat – The Gujarat government has come up with this unique female student welfare scheme. It will use the funds from the state coffers to ensure that the eligible applicants receive the money on time. Thus, if the girl is a permanent and legal resident of the state, with all necessary residential documents, only then will she be able to get the financial grant.
  2. Parents’ income criteria – The annual income of the both the parents, must not cross the Rs. 2 lakh mark. In that case, the girl will not be considered eligible to apply for this project. The income certificate that highlights the specific family income amount must be presented for scrutiny.
  3. Benefit for poor households – The scheme has been designed with the poor families in mind. Only the families, which have their names under the BPL category, will be allowed to attain the perks of this scheme. The possession and the submission of the BPL certificate will come in handy to ensure the attainment of the scheme perks.
  4. Benefits for two candidates per family – The CM has also mentioned that no more than two female students, from every family will be allowed to attain this benefit.
  5. Must be a regular schools student – The scheme offers money to only those students who will complete their high school education. Admission documents, final examination mark sheets and school documents need to be submitted with the application form.
  6. Must possess a bank account – Every selected beneficiary will be receiving the money in the bank account. Thus, each applicant must have an account in any bank. Additionally, they must not forget to attach the account details with the application document.

How to get application form and register for the Vahali Dikri scheme in Gujarat ?

The Gujarat authority has made the announcement that it will soon take the necessary initiatives, which are necessary for the flawless implementation of this educational and female student welfare scheme. But the government has not yet made a final declaration about the mode of registration. If it keeps the provision for an online registration, then the authority needs to launch a portal. Interested applicants will be able to log in on this portal and fill in the digitized enrollment form to avail the benefits of the program. As the government is yet to come out with any such statement, the interested applicants must wait for the official announcement. If you want to stay updates about the developments of this scheme, then stay with us. All updates will be presented in a detailed manner on this portal.

The recent welfare schemes are such that the implementation of one development project will solve several issues. With the application of the Vahli Dikri Yojana, the Gujarat authority will not only offer financial support to the poor families in the state, but will encourage the parent to send their daughter to school so that they can finish their education. After passing class 12th, the girls will be in a position to get involved with any vocational activity as well. From offering monetary assistance to bringing down the school drop-out percentage of girls, and paving the path for higher education, the successful implementation of one scheme will be able to meet all these requirements.

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