[Apply] Temporary Ration E-Coupon in Delhi @ration.jantasamvad.org 2020

Temporary Ration Card E-Coupon in Delhi 2020 (Non Ration Card Holders to Get Free Ration) (Check Ration Card Status Online, Apply Online Form Process, e-pass, compesation of Rs. 5,000, Track NFS Food Card @delhi.gov.in, Eligibility, Documents)

While nations like America, Spain and France have failed to contain the spread of novel Coronavirus, the Indian government is putting up a great fight. The central and state governments are aware of the fact that the medical infrastructure will crumble if COVID – 19 pandemic reaches community transmission. Over the last 24 hours, 700 new cases have been reported in India. The condition in Delhi is rather precarious. However, the poor people in this area face another challenge – lack of food. The Delhi government has implemented various food security schemes for the legal residents, who have ration cards. Temporary Ration Card Coupon is the latest scheme, implemented by the Chief Minister of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal. With this project, the authority will be able to provide food security, especially to the non-ration card holders. If you want to know more about this project, then read this article. 

Temporary Ration Coupon Application in Delhi

People with and without ration cards in Delhi

As of now, around 71 lakh inhabitants in Delhi have legal ration cards. On the other hand, 6.5 lakh people do not possess this pass. Many labors and daily wage earners work in Delhi. They lack the ration card as these individuals are not legal residents of Delhi. Thus, such individual will not be able to attain the food securities. During the lockdown, these labors and daily wage earners are no longer earning a livelihood. The special coupon will act as a temporary ration card. When the coupon holder produces this slip at the nearest ration or fair price shop, the dealer will have to offer food grains at subsidized rates.  

Eligibility necessary for applicants

  1. For financially weak people – The implementation of the temporary ration coupon scheme has been done for those who belong to financially weak categories. Individuals, belonging to the BPL and EWS groups can opt for this scheme.
  2. For non-ration card holders – If the applicant already has a ration card that has been issued by Delhi government, then he/she need not register for this scheme. Currently non-ration card holders can register for this scheme online.
  3. For Delhi residents – The Chief Minister said that the authority will issue the temporary ration cards only for those individuals, which inhabit in Delhi.

Essential documents for registration

  1. Aadhar Card – The Delhi government has highlighted that individuals, who need temporary ration cards, have to provide a softcopy of the Aadhar Card.
  2. Photograph of the applicant – To ensure that the Delhi government can issue legitimate ration coupons, applicants must upload a scanned passport sized photograph.

Procedure to apply for temporary ration coupons

  1. Online portal – The Delhi government has launched a new portal for the registration of temporary ration passes. One can gain access to this website by clicking on the link https://delhi.gov.in/.
  2. Application mode – When the applicant lands on the home page, he/she must click on the option “Apply For Temporary Ration Coupon”.
  3. Ration Jansamvad Portal – When the applicant clicks on this option, the site will redirect the person to another page. The page represents Ration Jansamvad Portal. It triggers the registration process.
  4. Fill-up the enrollment form – On the Ration Jansamvad Portal, the applicant must fill in the registration form with the necessary details.
  5. Uploading documents – It is imperative that the applicant attaches the scanned copies of his/her Aadhar card and photograph with the online application form.
  6. E-Coupon for the applicant – After this, the candidate will attain a digitized ration coupon. When this ration slip has been generated, the candidate must get a printout.
  7. Collect ration from registered shops – The people, possessing the temporary ration coupon, must present the pass at the fair price stores. The dealer will give food grains to the pass holder at subsidized rates.

Procedure to apply for travel pass and financial compensation

The Delhi government has urged the common people to not to venture out of their homes. If people fail to abide by these restrictions, then they must face legal action. However, it does not apply to the individuals, who are associated with medical or emergency services. Food and medicine delivery professionals need to travel. The Delhi CM said they can apply for e-pass for travel permission.

  1. Official website – If any person wants to apply for the e-pass, then he/she must click on the link delhi.gov.in. Apart from this, labors can apply for financial compensation through the same link.
  2. Registration for necessary service – On the home page, the applicant will have to select one of the many options, which are available in the specific box.
  3. Online application form fill-up – The digitized registration form has a number of fields. Highlighting the personal and contact details in form will assist the Delhi government to issue the travel passes.
  4. Registering for compensation – During the lockdown, the Delhi Chief Minister said that it will offer a monthly financial compensation to the construction workers. The amount has been fixed at Rs. 5000. Eligible applicants can enroll their names for obtaining this aid via this website.
  5. Print out of the certificates – Once the government officials have checked the application information, they can issue the digital travel pass and compensation certificate for the respective applicants.

The nation-wide lockdown has impacted industries, construction, and commercial activities. Not all have adequate savings to spend the curfew days. Shortage of food and essential commodities in the market can make matters worse. As of now, the Delhi government is interested in coping with the lockdown situation. It is gearing up to pave the path for proper distribution of food grains for people with and without ration cards.  The implementation of the Temporary Ration Coupon is a comprehensive step towards this.

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