Prochesta Prakalpa Online Application Form 2020 [Link] Prokolpo Scheme Registration West Bengal

Prochesta (Prachesta) Prakalpa Scheme (Prokolpo) In West Bengal 2020 (Apply Online Form, Check Eligibility, Documents, Daily Wagers get 1000rs per month, Last date, Download Application Form, Offline, List of Beneficiary )

The Coronavirus pandemic has forced the governments of various nations to declare a complete lockdown. Some countries will observe the lockdown till May, while other countries will keep it active till the end of June. The Prime Minister of India has previously mentioned that the complete lockdown will remain active till the 3rd of May 2020. Lockdown has taken away the employment of the construction labors and daily wage workers. They neither have money, nor essential commodities. In this respect the West Bengal government has launched the Prochesta Prakalpa Scheme for providing financial assistance to such people. In this article, you will read about the features, eligibility, application process and other aspects of the scheme.

Prochesta Prakalpa Scheme West Bengal

Name of the scheme Prochesta Prakalpa Scheme
Launched in West Bengal
Launched by Mamata Benerjee
Date of announcement 24th March 2020
Date of implementation April 2020
Target beneficiation Labors and daily wage earners
Registration through website
Application starts on 1st April 2020


Key features of the scheme

  1. Financial security – During the lockdown, the daily wage earners have lost their employment. Without money, they will not be able to purchase essential things. To ensure that these people have some financial security, the West Bengal Chief Minister has launched this scheme.
  2. Financial grant for each beneficiary – The selected beneficiaries of this project will receive Rs. 1000 from the state government.
  3. Payment mode – It has been mentioned that if the applicant does not have a bank account, then he/she will not be able to get the financial assistance, as the grant will be distributed by Direct Benefit Transfer mode.
  4. Distributing food grains – Apart from the financial, grant, the state government will also distribute food grains, free of cost, through the ration shops.
  5. Special fund – The creation of the Emergency Relief Fund will assist the government to meet the financial requirements of this scheme.

Eligibility for the applicants

  1. Residential requirement – If the candidate desires to obtain the financial perks, then he/she must be a legal resident of West Bengal.
  2. For specific categories – The Chief Minister of Bengal has pointed out that only the workers, associated in the unorganized sector will be allowed to get this benefit. The labors and daily wage earners are the primary targets.
  3. Must not be a scheme beneficiary – If the applicant is already getting money from one or more state or central government relief schemes, then he/she cannot apply for this program.
  4. Number of beneficiaries from each family – From every household, comprising of the man, woman and their children, one applicant will be selected as the beneficiary of the program.
  5. Must not have another source of income – It has been mentioned in the scheme guidelines, that the applicant must not possess another income source. In that case, the applicant will be barred from attaining the financial perk.

Documents necessary for application

  1. Residential proof – For obtaining the finance relief under this project, the applicant needs to provide a document that highlights that the person is a legal and permanent resident of West Bengal.
  2. Identification proof – It is imperative that the applicant submits a copy of the Aadhar Card or ration card for identity verification.
  3. Bank account details – As the money will be deposited in the bank account of the beneficiary, the details of the bank and the account must be furnished.
  4. Certificate from unorganized labor associations – Only those labors and daily wage earners, who possess certificates, issued by the associations for unorganized sector labors, will be able to attain the financial perk.
  5. BPL and EWS certificates – If the applicant has a BPL or EWS certificate, then he/she must submit the copy of the document for verification purposes.

How to get registration form and enroll?

  1. Official website – If an applicant wants to register for the scheme, then he/she must click on the Link. It will enable them to land on the official Jai Bangla website.
  2. Selecting the correct tab – After the portal has opened up, the applicant must click on the tab option that is marked as “Prochesta.”
  3. Gather more information – Clicking on the tab will give the candidate access to other options. From there, the applicant must select the “Know More” option.
  4. Gain access to the PDF application form – If the applicant wants to get to the PDF registration form, then he/she will have to click on the Link.
  5. Form fill-up – There are several columns on the application form, the applicant must fill in the form with the necessary details.
  6. Offline submission – After the form fill-up, the applicant must take a print out and then fill in the registration form at the respective government office.

From where can one gather offline application form?

If an applicant wants to collect the form offline, then he/she must go to the office of the District Magistrates’ office. The same form can also be collected from the office of the Commissioner, and from the Municipality office.

Where should one submit the forms?

If anyone is interested in offline submission of the form, then he/she can go to the office of the Commissioners or District magistrate. The form will be accepted at the respective Municipality office as well.

The Chief Minister of West Bengal has mentioned that ensuring the financial and food securities of the marginalized people. The lockdown period is immensely stressful for the poor individuals. Apart from financial relief packages, the Chief Minister has also come up with projects, which ensure food securities.

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