Tamil Nadu Amma Youth Sports Scheme

Tamil Nadu Amma Youth Sports Scheme 2020 -21[Eligibility, Application form Process]

The Tamil Nadu state government has recently launched Tamil Nadu Amma Youth Sports Scheme. Now higher authorities of the scheme are inviting applications from interested youth of state to participate in various sports under the scheme. The scheme will give opportunities to youth belonging to rural areas of the state according to the benefits of the scheme. Therefore, the online applications will start shortly so that the youth can apply via the online process. However, the online application process has been introduced by the state government for helping the youth participate in the games. Details of online application have been announced by state CM. Read the following of the article to know more about how to easily apply online to get scheme benefits.

Tamil Nadu Amma Youth Sports Scheme

Name of scheme


TN Amma Youth Sports Scheme
Target group of scheme


Rural youth of Tamil Nadu
Main objective of the scheme


Help rural youth take part in various sports activities
Scheme launched in


Tamil Nadu
Scheme announced by


Tamil Nadu government

 Key features of the TN Amma Youth Sports scheme

  • Main objective – After proper implementation of the TN Amma Youth Sports Scheme, the rural youth can participate in different games like Cricket, Volleyball, Football and others. The games will be conducted both in the state and district level. So, online application for the same has been started. However, this scheme will cover up almost 12, 524 village along with 528 town panchayats.
  • Setting up of sports club – By effective implementation of the scheme, gender-wise sports club will be organized by the state government. In addition, the state government has promised an amount of rupees 64.35 crores in the name of the above-decided scheme.

However, after proper implementation of the scheme, the youths will be given training by the state government to make them eligible. Also, this shall help the youth give better performance when they get the chance to play at the state level competition.

Eligibility criteria for the TN Amma Youth Sports scheme

  • Citizen of Tamil Nadu – Since the scheme has been launched in Tamil Nadu, the candidates from only Tamil Nadu can take part in the games. Candidates from other states will not be allowed to avail scheme benefits.
  • Check physical strength – Since by the launch of the above-said scheme, the mental and physical strength of youth can be improved, youth’s basic physical strength will be checked at the time of enrolling for the scheme benefits. This will help authorities to judge whether the youth is at all suitable to get the benefits.
  • Category of the state – Youth belonging only to the rural part of the state will be encouraged to get the benefits of the sport under the scheme. Youth belonging to other categories may not be allowed to get facilities in this scheme.

Documents required 

  • Residential proof – The youth has to produce identity proof such as Voter ID card, ration card or Aadhaar card to ensure that they belong to only Tamil Nadu. However, the identification certification will be required when youths apply online under the scheme.
  • Health certificate – Though sports development authorities will give fitness certificate after undergoing training as per the scheme rules, they should produce some basic fitness certificate along with knowledge about the game they choose to play.

Online application procedure of TN Amma Youth Sports scheme

Online applications will be invited under the above-said scheme similar to that of other sports related games. Since this is a recently launched sports related scheme, the details of online application are yet to be declared by the state government. But as soon as it comes out, the interested youth will be the first one to know about it from the online portal of the scheme. For this, the youth has to stay updated and visit the portal frequently. However, by introducing the online application process, it will be easy for youth to apply via online mode from the comfort of their home.

So, the TN Amma Youth Sports Scheme will inculcate the gaming spirit among the youth of the state. Also, this shall bring out hidden young sports talent and help them come in the forefront.

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