Mother Teresa Asahaya Matri Sambal Yojana in HP 2019-20

Mother Teresa Asahaya Matri Sambal Yojana in Himachal Pradesh 2019-20 [Eligibility Criteria, Application Form Online Download, Amount, Portal, How to apply]

Women who fall below the poverty level have to face financial hardships, if they do not have the support from their husbands. Monetary constrains make it difficult for these women to lead a normal life. The Himachal Pradesh government has introduced Mother Teresa Asahaya Matri Sambal Yojana for such women. Under this scheme, the eligible applicants will receive a yearly financial grant from the state government. In this article, you will get in-depth information about the eligibility, necessary documents and the application procedures.

Mother Teresa Asahaya Matri Sambal Yojana in Himachal Pradesh

Launch details of the scheme

Name of the scheme Mother Teresa Asahaya Matri Sambal Yojana
Launched in Himachal Pradesh
Launched by Jai Ram Thakur
Date of launch 2018 – 2019
Target beneficiaries Poor and destitute women
Helpline number NA
Financial assistance Rs 6000/Year


Key features of the Mother Teresa Asahaya Matri Sambal Yojana

  • Financial assistance for needy women

This scheme will put focus on the needs of poor and destitute female candidates. They will get a set sum from the authority that will help them to offer better life for children.

  • Steady income source

With the implementation of the scheme, the Himachal Pradesh has ensured a steady source of income for the women, who are not financially equipped to run the family smoothly.

  • Grant amount

Earlier, the state government was offering Rs. 3000 for every child in the family. Now that amount has been increased to Rs. 6000 on an annual basis.

  • Frequency of payment

The grant money will be offered on an annual basis.

  • Number of children and age

The state government has highlighted that the grants will be given for a women who have maximum of two children and not yet attained the age of 18.

  • Better education of children

The money, transferred in the bank account of the mothers will help them to ensure better education of the children.

Eligibility Criteria of the Mother Teresa Asahaya Matri Sambal Yojana

  • Must reside in HP officially

The Chief Minister of the state has highlighted that only the legal residents of Himachal Pradesh will be allowed to apply for this project.

  • BPL families only

The scheme has been developed and implemented for the benefit of those households, which fall under the BPL category.

  • Widows can apply

If the husband has passed away, then such widows can enroll to attain the financial grant.

  • Divorced women

All divorced women, who fall in the financially weak category, can register for this scheme.

  • Female who do not stay with husbands

Sometimes, the husbands go missing. If the husband of any applicant has not returned for two years or more, then she will be able to attain the grant.

  • Annual income of the family

If the registered income of the family, during the financial year crosses the mark of Rs. 35,000, then such applicants will be barred from attaining the benefits of the scheme.

Necessary documents for application

  1. Residential certificate – The scheme is only open for those females, who possess official HP residential papers.
  2. Children’s age proof – To highlight that the children are not of the legal age, copies of their birth certificates will be necessary.
  3. Husband’s death certificate – As the scheme is open for widows, such applicants need to attach a photocopy of the death certificate of the husband.
  4. Missing certificate – In case the husband has left the family, and has not returned for two or more years, then a missing certificate, issued by the law enforcement department is necessary.
  5. BPL document – It is mandatory for all applicants to possess their BPL certificates.
  6. Bonafied document – Before applying for the scheme, applicants need to collect a bonafide certificate that has been issued by the respective department of the state government.
  7. Proof of identity – Photocopies of the voter cards, PAN cards and ration cards are necessary for supporting ID claims.
  8. Aadhar card – All applicants must possess their Aadhar cards as the photocopy of this pass will be necessary.
  9. Family income certificate – As there is an income related criterion, it is mandatory for the applicants to submit an official income certificate.
  10. Details of the bank accounts – As the grant money will be transferred into the bank accounts; applicants need to attach the photocopy of the bank account passbook’s first page.

How to Download Online Registration Form for HP Mother Teresa Asahaya Matri Sambal Yojana

  • If any woman is interested in getting the application form via online mode, then she must click on the HP Mother Teresa Asahaya Matri Sambal Yojana Portal. It gives applicants access to the official portal of Women And Child Welfare Department of Himachal Pradesh.
  • The registration form must be downloaded from the download section. After this, applicants need to get a print out of this document.
  • The enrollment documents must be filled in with the necessary details.
  • After attaching the necessary documents, the form must be submitted to the nearest office of Women and Child Welfare Department of Himachal Pradesh.

How to apply for Mother Teresa Asahaya Matri Sambal Yojana

  • Though the submission of the application form needs to be done manually, the interested candidates can collect the form via online more as well as offline mode.
  • To collect the registration form via offline mode, candidates need to reach out to the nearest office of the Women And Child Welfare Department of Himachal Pradesh.
  • The application form will be given to the women for free.
  • The officer in the department will scrutinize these forms. The scrutiny must be completed within 10 days.
  • Once the documents have been checked, these will be forwarded to the office of the respective Tehsil Welfare Officer.
  • The Tehsil Welfare Officers need to check these documents and sign it. After this, the papers will be forwarded to the office of the District Welfare Office. Once this officer signs the documents, the respective department will register the applicants as beneficiaries.

Widows and destitute women often need to depend on others to get money. It hinders the development and education of the children. The financial assistance from the Himachal Pradesh authority will pave the path for self-dependence. With the yearly grant in the bank accounts, these women will be able to offer a better future for their children.

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