Biju Shishu Surakshya Yojana Odisha 2019-20

Biju Shishu Surakshya Yojana in Odisha 2019-20 [Application Form, Eligibility, How to Apply, HIV Children, Gidelines]

The Odisha Chief Minister is very popular among the people for coming up with developmental schemes, which ensure the better future of the residents. He has mentioned on several occasions that it is the objective of the government to make sure that the children get the necessary facilities. These children are the future of the state. Apart from educational grants for the poor and needy candidates, the state government also focuses on the betterment of the kids, who fall in the marginalized category. In this regards, the Odisha government had launched Biju Shishu Surakshya Yojana. It was aimed at offering necessary financial assistance to children who have been diagnosed with HIV. The same facilities will be offered to orphans. In this article, you will gather information about the features, eligibility and documental requirement for application.

Launch details

Name of the scheme Biju Shishu Surakshya Yojana
Launched in Odisha
Launched by Naveen Patnaik
Date of announcement 2015 – 2016
Date of official launch December 2016
Target beneficiaries HIV positive children and orphans
Scheme supervised by Women & Child Welfare Department of Odisha

Key features of the Biju Shishu Surakshya Yojana Odisha

  1. Development of the needy children – As the name of the scheme highlights, its primary objective is to ensure that the children, falling in the marginalized categories, obtain proper facilities to stay healthy and acquire education. It will pave the path for their overall development.
  2. Financial assistance for education – Under this scheme, kids, who are suffering from HIV, and those who reside in the orphanages, will attain monetary assistance to complete their school education. When the applicants get the money, they will feel the urge to go to school.
  3. Financial assistance for proper nourishment – Money will also be offered to the orphanage authority and the parents of HIV positive children so that they get proper nourishment. Without this, the children will not attain optimum mental and physical development.
  4. Financial assistance for marriage – The state government will also deposit money in the accounts of orphan boys and girls, once they complete the age of 21 years and 18 years respectively. Each boy will receive Rs. 40,000 and the female candidates will receive Rs. 50,000. The money can be utilized to organize their marriages.
  5. Scholarship for meritorious students – The state authority will identify meritorious marginalized students. These boys and girls will be offered educational scholarships by the authority.
  6. Number of students from each district – The scheme highlighted that the state government will select three students from each district, who have proved their excellence in academic fields.
  7. Money reward for HSC passing candidates – If the HIV positive or orphan children successfully clear their HSC examinations, then they will be entitled to acquire a monetary reward of Rs. 1000.
  8. Assistance for higher technical studies – In case the orphan or HIV positive child succeeds in cementing his/her place in any college to complete a technical program, then the state government can provide a cash reward that can range between Rs. 7000 and Rs. 40,000.

Eligibility for application

  1. A resident of the state – The scheme is only open for those children who have been residing within the borders of Odisha permanently.
  2. HIV positive children – This scheme will allow the enrollment of such children, who have been battling HIV disease.
  3. Orphan children – The scheme will also include those hapless children who do not have any parents or relatives to take care of them, and reside in the orphanages.
  4. Age requirement – Only those candidates will be allowed to attain the numerous benefits of the scheme if they fall below the age of 18 years.

Documents necessary for application

  1. Residential documents – If the child wants to acquire the perks of this scheme, then he/she needs to support his/her legal residential claims with proper residential documents.
  2. Identification documents – The applicant needs to submit a copy of his/her Aadhar card for identification verification, and record keeping.
  3. Age proof – Due to the age requirement, the applicant need to offer documents, which highlight that he/she is less than 18 years of age.
  4. HIV diagnosis certificate – For the children, who suffer from HIV, a proper medical diagnosis certificate, issued by a government hospital must be submitted.
  5. Certificate from the orphanage – If the child lives in an orphanage, then the respective authority must issue a certificate that contains the details of the orphan applicant.
  6. Registration documents of the orphanage – It is mandatory for the orphanage to have necessary legal registrations to operate. These registration documents must be furnished during the application.

How to Apply for Biju Shishu Surakshya Yojana Odisha

  1. Offline registration process

    The interested applicants need to register for the scheme via the offline process. In the villages, applicants can go the Gram Panchayat office or the Block Development Office to collect the form. Urban residents will be able to acquire the application form from any office that comes under Child Welfare Department.

  2. Application form fill-up

    Once the applicant gets the form, he/she must fill in the details properly. Then he/she needs to attach a passport sized photo in the form.

  3. Attaching documents

    After filling up the enrollment form, applicants must attach the photocopies of the necessary documents with it, and then submit the form to the Child Welfare Department office.

It is a scheme that will gives home to the HIV patients and the orphan kids. The orphans mostly end up without proper education. The implementation of this program will ensure that the orphanage authority encourage these kids to make the right decision. Better health and education will help these marginalized children to become a part of mainstream society.

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