YSR Adarsham Scheme AP 2020

YSR Adarsham Scheme AP 2019-20 [Eligibility, Application Form Online Download, Vehicles Loan to Unemployed Youth]

The Andhra Pradesh government will soon implement a scheme that will offer monetary assistance to the youngsters. The name of this unique scheme is YSR Adarsham Scheme. The grant will be given in the form of bank loans. The beneficiaries will be able to use this grant to purchase trucks, and use these in the commercial transportation sector to earn their livelihood. In this article, you will learn about the features of this new welfare scheme. We will also shed light on the eligibility requirements and documents needed for the application process.


Launch details of the scheme

Name of the scheme YSR Adarsham Scheme
Launched in Andhra Pradesh
Launched by Jagan Mohan Reddy
Date of announcement October 2019
Official launch date 2020
Target beneficiaries Jobless youngsters in the state
Mode of registration Online registration
Official scheme portal Will be launched soon
Helpline Number NA

Key features of the scheme

  1. Platform for self-employment – The implementation of this scheme will serve two purposes. It will boost the young jobless applicants to start their business in the transportation sector. It will also ensure generation of job opportunities for drives and helpers in related fields.
  2. Truck distribution – The beneficiaries of this scheme will be able to apply for bank loans to acquire trucks. These commercial vehicles will be distributed at low price to the unemployed beneficiaries.
  3. Use of the trucks – The Chief Minister has mentioned that the trucks will be used to carry different commodities. They will also be used to transport sand from the mines to the construction sites.
  4. Monitor commercial vehicle charges – Lack of commercial commodity carrying vehicles encourage the transport agencies to demand high charges. With an increase in the number of commercial trucks in the state, manufactures and farmers will not have to pay high transportation costs.
  5. Restrain the hike in commodity price – Access to more commercial vehicles means crop growers and manufactures will be able to send the items in the market. It will curb the development of an artificial demand in the market. This, in turn, will be able to put a leash on the price of the commodities in the market.
  6. Estimated income for the beneficiaries – After getting the truck, the beneficiaries will be able to join the commercial vehicle business. If they are determined to work hard, then it will not be difficult for any truck owner to acquire Rs. 20,000 or more on a monthly basis.
  7. Total number of beneficiaries – It has been announced by the Chief Minister of the state that during the implementation of the scheme, the state government will offer 6000 commercial trucks to the selected applicants.
  8. Selection board – Not all applicants who apply for the scheme will become a registered beneficiary. It will be the responsibility of the selection committee to pick the eligible applicants. Eight reputed government officials will be selected to constitute this selection committee.

Eligibility to apply for the scheme

  1. Official state residents only – The authority has highlight that if the applicant fails to prove that he/she is a legal and permanent inhabitant on this state, then his/her registration will not be processes by the government officials.
  2. Registered BPL applicants – Only those residents, who possess belong to the financially unsound or BPL category will acquire the opportunity to enroll for the welfare scheme benefits.
  3. Youth with no source of income – The scheme highlights that any young resident of the state, who lacks a job or steady income source is eligible to apply for the scheme benefits.
  4. Registered tribal groups – Special attention will be given to ensure that all ST, SC and OBC candidates get the benefits of this scheme.
  5. Minority applicants – Many communities fall under the minority category. Cnadidates, belonging to such minority groups can fill in the scheme form to get the grant.
  6. Access to bank account – No hand-to-hand money transfer will be allowed as per the scheme rules. Banks will transfer the grant in the account of the beneficiary. Thus, one of the eligibility requires the applicant to have a bank account.

Documents necessary for application

  1. Residential proof – Only the permanent and legal inhabitants of this state will be able to acquire the benefits of this welfare project. Proper residential proof document, issued by the Andhra Pradesh government has to be attached with the online application form.
  2. Aadhar card – Every candidate must provide proper documents, which can be used by the state government to check and validate their claims. The possession of the Aadhar card is a must to become a scheme beneficiary.
  3. BPL certificate – As the scheme focuses on the betterment of the youth who belong to the financially weak sections, applicant must produce a copy of the official BPL certificate.
  4. Caste documents – The scheme will focus on candidates, who belong to the marginalized tribes. Such applicants need to support their claims by submitting a copy of schedule caste, schedule tribe or OBC documents.
  5. Minority certificate – If the applicant belongs to a religious group that has been registered by law as a minority section, then he/she needs to provide a photocopy of the minority certificate.
  6. GST documents for the vehicle – If the applicant has already applied for the vehicle, then he/she needs to provide a copy of the GST payment slip. It ensures that the person has already paid the tax for the vehicle. The GST payment must be done after the bank approves the loan in the name of the beneficiary.
  7. Bank documents – The Andhra Pradesh government is keen on maintaining transparency for the implementation of this scheme. As every beneficiary will get the grant in their bank accounts, he/she needs to submit the account number, bank and branch name and address, branch code and IFSC code.

How to get application form and register for the scheme?

The Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh has recently announced that applicants will have to make use of the official scheme portal to register for the benefits. The state government also mentioned that the authorized website will be soon launched. Here the youngsters can check the guidelines and the necessary eligibilities. They will also be able to get access to the digitized application form. The application and submission of the registration form must be completed via this portal. Once the state government provides more information on the online enrollment process, we will share the details on our portal.

Applying for the vehicle loan

Once the applicant has been registered as a beneficiary, he/she can apply for the vehicle loan. For this, the candidate needs to click on the link https://www.ap.gov.in/. The portal will highlight the names of all the banks, which have the permission to grant loan under this scheme. The applicant can select any of the listed banks and fill in the loan application form with personal details. After submission of the loan application, the documents will be scrutinized. If everything is in order, then the scheme beneficiary will acquire the credit to purchase a vehicle.

It is true that the state can only do so much to increase the number of jobs in the government sector. The inclusion of the private job sector finds it difficult to meet the requirements. The new scheme will provide the youngsters of the state to take matters in their own hands. The scheme offers a boost to the self-employment measures.