Odisha Small Saving Scheme Lottery Result 2019 [AQ Series]

Small Savings Incentive Scheme In Odisha 2019- 20 (Lottery) [AQ Series] – Lucky Draw Prize Money, How to get Coupon, Apply Form, Last Date, Official Website, Winner List, Toll free Number, Results, Eligibility Criteria, Documents

The popularity of un-registered finance companies is high in the rural areas. People, living in the urban areas, often deposit money in these shady funding schemes with the promise of high interest rates. But most of these finance groups do not have any legitimacy. Once they accumulate a substantial amount from the market, they vanish without a trace. To save the unsuspecting people from the clutches of these fraudulent finance groups, the government of Odisha has come up with a new saving scheme. The Small Savings Incentive Scheme is making headlines in the state for the last few days.

Small Savings Incentive Scheme In Odisha

Name of the scheme

Small Savings Incentive Scheme

Launched in


Launched by

Naveen Patnaik

Date of launch

 August 2019

Target beneficiaries

Common people

Supervised by

Finance Department of Odisha

Minimum Deposit

2000 Rs

Lucky Draw Date in 2020

26 April

Lucky Draw Prize Money

5 Lacs

Official Website


Toll free Number


Key features of the Odisha Small Savings Incentive Scheme 2019

Ensuring financial safeguard

The scheme will also help the government to keep people away from the fraudulent money institutes.

Encouraging small savings

This scheme will help people to nurture the habit of saving money. Small Savings Scheme allows people from poor starts to take a part in the scheme as well.

Start and Last Date of deposit money and get free lottery in 2019

The state government has officially launched this small investment savings scheme for the people from 1st of January . The last date to deposit money and get a free draw coupon is 31st December.

Minimum deposit amount

Every interested applicant will have to make a deposit that is not less than Rs. 2000.

Preferred institute

It has been mentioned in the scheme draft that all applicants have to deposit the money in either the post office or in the bank.

Organizing lucky draw Results in 2020 –

To encourage the participation of more people in the small investment scheme, the Odisha government has announced that a lucky draw will be organized on the 26th of April in the city of Bhubaneswar.

Total number of winners

It has been declared by the state ministers of the respective department that 2428 individuals will receive cash prize through the draw.

Winning categories

The state government will be announcing the lucky draw winners as per seven different categories.

First place cash reward

The lucky winner of the draw will receive whopping cash reward of Rs. 5 lakhs.

Total prize amount

As the state government will reward so many winners through the lucky draw, the total cash reward that will be distributed, among the winners is Rs. 74 lakhs.

Collecting the coupons

The investors, who have contributed the stated amount under the scheme, will have to go to the office of the Block Development Officer, Collector, or the Sub-Collectors.

Eligibility Criteria Under Small Savings Incentive Scheme

Residential requirement

To become a part of this scheme, the applicant must be a legal resident of the state.

Bank or past office account

Due to the deposition related criterion, applicants must have a bank account or a post office account.

Aadhar card

It is mandatory for the applicants to have their Aadhar card for ID support.

Registered schemes

People who have invested money in the registered savings like the KVP, PPF, SCSS P.O.M.I.S, NSC VIII issue, M.S.M.I.A, N.S.R.D.A, and P.O.R.D as per tenure requirement. The investors, who have contributed money in the post office term deposit schemes for at least five years will also be able to take part in this scheme. Lastly, people who have contributed money for at least five years in the N.S.T.D.A schemes. The documents of these schemes will be necessary for verification.

Winner and cash prize chart for Small Savings Incentive Scheme 2019

Prize Category

Number of Winners Cash reward amount in per winner
First Prize 1 Rs. 5 lakhs
Second Prize 1 Rs. 3 lakhs
Third Prize 2 Rs. 1 lakh
Fourth Prize 4 Rs. 50 thousand
Fifth Prize 20 Rs. 10 thousand
Sixth Prize 400 Rs. 5 thousand
Seventh Prize 2000 Rs. 2 thousand

 How to get the coupon or how to apply for odisha saving scheme lottery?

  1. The state government has declared that all those people, who apply for this savings scheme, will get a lucky draw coupon for every Rs. 2000 that they deposit.
  2. It has been highlighted that the coupon generation will be done online.
  3. The state government has finally launched a site that will offer information to the contributors.
  4. To land on the page, contributors need to click on the link http://www.assaodisha.nic.in.
  5. There is a log in section on the top right hand side of the page.
  6. Here, contributors need to type in their user IDs, passwords and the capchat codes.
  7. Then the applicants need to click on the “Login” button to get to the details.

The state government tries to make people aware about the dangers of depositing money in cheat funds. These groups offer high interests, but there is no security. On the other hand, the government sponsored small savings schemes offer security. It is best that the common people stay away from the fall in the cheat fund traps. Developing scheme like these, with additional attraction of lucky draw will encourage people to deposit money in these government small saving funds. It will also help the financial structure of the area.

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