[Apply] Aasara Pension Scheme Telangana 2019-20

Aasara Pension Scheme in Telangana 2019-20 [Online Application Form, Eligibility, New list, Amount, Check Status, Helpline number, FAQ]

The Telangana government has announced the Aasara Pension scheme, and its main focus is to improve the condition of the society. It includes safety and a high level of security for the lower classes. Therefore, with effective implementation of the scheme, the vulnerable types of the society will get adequate protection, and their conditions will be improved. Individual belonging to the category of HIV-AIDS, Old and infirm, toddy tappers, weavers, and the others will get financial assistance as per scheme rules. Let us explore other vital details of the entitled scheme.

Aasara Pension Scheme in Telangana

Launch details of the scheme

Name of scheme



Aasara Pension Scheme Telangana
Target group of scheme



Poor people of society
Main objective of the scheme



Welfare and security of lower sections of society that includes meeting basic needs of poor people
Scheme launched in



Scheme announced by



Telangana government
Official portal aasara.telangana.gov.in

  Scheme amount to be allotted to different sections

Category Monthly pension amount



Old Age 2016
People with HIV-AIDS 2016
Widows 2016
Incapacitated weavers 2016
Toddy Peppers 2016
Disabled 3016


Eligibility criteria for an old aged person

  • The minimum age for an old aged person to avail benefits under the above-said scheme is 57 years and above. For the ones yet to attain the age group cannot get the scheme benefits.
  • If any household is run only by old persons like widows, physically disabled, or terminally ill belonging to 65 years of age will get the scheme benefits.
  • People living in informal houses temporarily as they are houseless will get scheme benefits. These individuals should be living in urban areas, and they have to provide adequate documents in support of their claim at the time of online registration for the scheme.
  • Under this old aged group, both primitive and vulnerable people will be included. Also, one person from per family can be included, and here women member of the family can be included as well.
  • The landless laborers, poor craftsmen, coolies, porters, rickshaw pullers, and the like living in slums will be included in the scheme benefits. However, people living in rural areas will also be included.

Eligibility Criteria for widows to avail scheme benefits

  • When any widow is trying to avail scheme benefits should have minimum of 18 years of age and they can belong from both vulnerable and primitive group. Besides, women who are running the household without any other earning member of the family can apply for the scheme.
  • Here again, only women members from rural and urban areas belonging to working classes such as weavers, rickshaw pullers, artisans, porters, landless workers fruit and flower and the like can get scheme benefits.
  • The age limit for widow person or disabled ones who are running the family is 65 years and above. They have to produce an age certificate at the time of applying for the scheme.

Eligibility criteria for weavers

  • Age limit – Weavers should within the age of 50 years to get scheme benefits. But for the families, widow or any disabled person should be within 65 years to get scheme benefits. Also, the family should be run without any support from society.
  • Single-member of family – Under this scheme, both primitive and vulnerable group individual can apply including single person of any household. Also, homeless people living in urban areas can get benefits under the scheme.
  • Workers belonging to the weaving sector – The individual who wishes to get benefits should belong to the above-said sector. However, at the time of online registration, they have to provide documents to they work prove that they work as weaver.

Eligibility Criteria for Toddy Tappers

  • Age limit – For toddy tappers trying to get scheme benefits should have a minimum age limit of 50 years. However, relevant age certificate should be introduced at the time of registration for the scheme.
  • Families run by widows – Households that are run by widows or any disabled person belonging to 65 years and above can get the scheme benefits. Also, the households should not be assistance by any societal support.
  • Professional background – The toddy tappers have to introduce documents in support of the claim that they work as toddy tappers as a profession. Toddy tappers belonging to both in urban and rural areas are included in the scheme benefits. However, the toddy tapper would get scheme benefits will be given only after proper verification.

So, in addition to the above said categories, toddy tappers living in temporary houses can also become part of the above said scheme. The beneficiaries can get to know the verification number that is registered with the pension authority due to the above-said scheme.

Eligibility Criteria for Disabled Person

  • Individual who are disabled can get benefits under the scheme irrespective of age. Here also, individual belonging to both vulnerable and primitive group are included in this scheme.
  • An able-bodied individual cannot get scheme benefits. Also, the household should be run by women. In addition, individual suffering from hearing problem up to 51% can also get scheme benefits.
  • Disabled person belonging to 65 years or above are also included in the above said scheme and get appropriate benefits.

However, other than the categories mentioned, individuals living in temporary shelters in urban areas can also get the benefits. Other than this, rural artisans, landless workers and the like are also included.

Documents required for applying under Aasara pension scheme

To get the pension benefits, different categories of individual should provide relevant documents in support of each of their claims. For proper verification at the time of registration, the following documents are required.

  • Identity proof – Aadhaar card details of the beneficiaries should be submitted at the time registration. Along with this, the candidate should submit their photograph that will be required as identification proof.
  • Age proof – For age proof of the individual, they have to submit relevant document in support of their claim. Here, a marriage certificate is also relevant that can be produced.
  • Bank details –The beneficiary should submit bank details such as IFSC code, account number, brand details, and other relevant details of the bank. This shall help to link the bank account of the beneficiary so that they can easily get the scheme amount credited in their account.
  • Documents for widows – When widows wish to get scheme benefits, they have to produce their husband’s death certificate along with other documents during registration. If the widow does not have the death certificate, she has to approach the Panchayat Secretary who will inquire about the case and submit the related report. Even if it is not submitted at the time of online registration, it should be produced before the higher authorities within three months from the registration.
  • Disabilities certificate – Individual with 40% of disabilities will be given SADAREM certificate. People with a hearing problem should also be given up to 51%. Therefore, the disabled person should produce these certificates at the time of applying under this scheme.

Other than this, toddy tappers should submit registration documents to a cooperative society. Also, weavers need to produce registration certificate to the Cooperative society.

How can senior citizens get pension in Telangana? (Online Application Form)

  1. First, the applicant of the scheme should download an application form that is available in the Aasara Pension Scheme Telangana Official Portal. Also, applicants can get the scheme from nearby MeeSeva Centre.
  2. Before submitting the form, the interested candidates should provide relevant information in it. Along with it, they have to provide relevant documents that would be required for verification.
  3. The application form can be submitted either to the Gram Panchayat secretary or village revenue officer in case of rural areas. But in the case of urban areas, it can also be given to bill collector in urban areas.
  4. Following the online application, the document will be checked by Municipal Commissioner along with District Collector. Following this step, the pension card will be provided to beneficiaries along with their photograph, and this card should be produced at the time of availing scheme benefits.

Check name List under Aasara pension scheme

  1. For this, the pensioners have to visit the official website Aasara Pension Scheme Portal. To get Aasara Pensioner Details, they have to click on the search menu. Soon after this, they will be directed to the main page of the portal. Only after entering their pension ID, the candidates can access their details. However, without the pension ID, it may be difficult for the pensioner to get hands-on their details.
  2. Following this step, they have to select details like district, mandal, panchayat from the drop-down list. After this, candidates have to enter details like name of family’s ahead along with pensioner’s name.

After entering the details, it will be shown on the screen soon after clicking on the search button.

Disbursal of Aasara Pensions     

The pension amount will be given to pensioners from the 1st to the 7th of every month. But in case of large municipalities, it will be given directly to the linked bank accounts of the pensioners. For pensioners living in rural areas, the pension amount will be directly given in local bank accounts. However, a pensioner can get the pension amount even from the post offices. But only with proper biometric authentication, the pension amount will be given to pensioners.

Telangana pension amount doubled

The decision of doubling pension amount under the above-said scheme will be applicable from June 2019. However, beneficiaries will get the extra pension amount from July 2019. Near about 39, 32,302 individuals will get pension benefits. But after scheme revision, the number of beneficiaries will increase to almost 7 lakhs. However, Telangana government is planning for effective implementation of the scheme with scheme allotment of almost rupees 12000 crores given for the pension scheme.

Telangana exclusion list

Other than the eligibility criteria mentioned for every category, if any individual fulfills one or more following conditions, they cannot avail scheme benefits.

  • An individual having children working as contractors, doctors, professionals, or self-employed are not be allowed to get scheme benefits.Also, if an individual’s children are working in the private sector, public sector, out-sourcing or on a contract basis will not be included to get scheme benefits.
  • People having land of 3 acres or irrigated dry 7.5 acres of land cannot get scheme benefits. Even the owners of large businesses such as pumps, mills, shops, and others cannot be considered as beneficiaries.
  • Households with annual income more than rupees 1.50 lakhs in rural areas and rupees 2 lakh in the urban area cannot take part in the scheme. Also, individual owners of automobiles, such as big vehicles or four-wheelers are not included in the list of beneficiaries.


Who can become beneficiaries of the scheme?

The Telangana government implemented this scheme for needy widows, toddy tappers, weavers, aged individuals and disabled people, who fall below the poverty line.

Is there any online registration process?

No! All interested applicants must download the enrollment form from the authorized portal of their respective Municipal Corporation. The form must be filled with necessary details and submitted at the Panchayat office or the Bill Collector’s office, for rural and urban areas respectively.

How much money will the beneficiaries receive?

The pension for aged individuals, widows, AIDS victims, weavers and toddy tappers is Rs. 2016. Disabled people are entitled to receive Rs. 3016 as a financial grant.

What is the frequency of the grant payment?

The beneficiaries will obtain this financial grant on a monthly basis.

Can I get the monetary grant if I do not have a bank account?

No! To become beneficiaries of this financial and social security scheme, every applicant needs a bank account. The grant will be deposited in the respective beneficiary’s account.

What is the helpline number for this scheme?

To get answers to any queries, interested individuals can call on the toll free number 1800-200-1001

I have been a resident of this state for many years, but I do not have any official residential documents. Will I get the benefits?

No! The Telangana government has implemented this scheme only for the legal residents of the state.

I am a widow, but I have remarried recently. Am I eligible for the scheme?

No! If a widow remarries, then she will no longer be eligible to apply for the scheme benefits.

Can the applicants check their registration status?

After the candidate has applied for the scheme, they can check the registration status through the official portal

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