UP Govt announces Bharan Poshan Bhatta to Daily Wage labourers

UP Govt announces Bharan Poshan Bhatta to Daily Wage labourers

After the N1H1 scare subsided, a new virus is creating havoc with the lives of millions in the world. The Coronavirus or COVID-19 is a deadly disease that has claimed thousands of innocent lives all over the world. World Health Organization officials say that it is a pandemic disease, and has no known cure. Though the virus is more active in the 186 countries, most of which are situated in the Northern Hemisphere, WHO experts expect that the virus will soon pave the path for similar disastrous impact in the countries of the Southern Hemisphere. Narendra Modi, the current Prime Minister of India has addressed the nation in an official speech on 19th March 2020. In his speech, he advised common inhabitants of the nation to take necessary precautions, which may arrest the spread of the disease.

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Details on the scheme launch and other aspects

The government of Uttar Pradesh, under the leadership of CM Yogi Adityanath, has announced an excellent scheme. The official announcement of Bharan Poshan Bhatta Scheme in the state was made by the Chief Minister on 21st march 2020.

The Central Government has directed the state governments to keep a tab on the infected people. However, preventing the spread of the disease comes at a price. The central government has declared a semi-lockdown in the country for the upcoming two weeks. It may not impact the middle and high income groups, but the poor people, especially those who earn money on a daily basis will be out of job for some time.

Features of the scheme

The Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister mentioned in his official speech that only daily wage earners and people who work as labors in the construction sector will be entitled to obtain the perks of this project. He also said that the state government will offer a financial assistance sum of Rs. 1000 for every beneficiary. The state government will continue to pay the assistance amount to the needy people till the work sectors come back on track.

The state government is taking the necessary measures to ensure smooth fiscal distribution to around 35.23 lakh beneficiaries. The group contains 20.23 lakh construction sector labors, while the remaining 15 lakh individuals have blue-collar jobs, and earn daily wages.

Details on Coronavirus cases

The central and state governments have decided to implement the semi-lockdown strategy on pan-India basis. Though the current worldwide death toll is 10,000, medical professionals believe that it will increase. 270 individuals have been tested positive in India. 4 people have lost their lives. The Uttar Pradesh Health Minister highlighted that 23 individuals have been tested positive for the virus. They have been properly quarantined, and doctors are doing everything they can to improve the health of these patients.

The Prime Minister has urged people to avoid contact with infected people. Social distancing and self-isolation for the next two weeks will prevent further contamination. Such announcements have caused unrest among the people. The Uttar Pradesh CM has said that all emergency services will be made available. He requested the people not to panic and to ignore irrelevant rumors.

It is important to mention that there is no antidote or medicine that can kill the germ. Precaution is the best way to ensure safety. The medical researchers and pharmaceutical companies are working tirelessly to come up with a cure for this deadly virus. The human race is facing yet another viral attack that caused world-wide panic. The Corona-scare has negatively impacted international travel and tourism sectors as well.

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