[Form] Raitara Sala Manna Crop Loan Waiver Scheme Karnataka 2020

Raitara Sala Manna Crop Loan Waiver Scheme Karnataka 2020 -21[Application Form Online Download, Eligibility, Check Status, Certificate, Farmer List Name, Portal, Helpline Number, Login, FAQ]

The financial prosperity of the nation depends on the strong agricultural base. Indian farmers work hard to grow crops to feed the millions. If the socio-economic condition of the farmers is not good, then it poses a threat to the overall progress of the nation. Poor agricultural workers do not have enough money to prepare their land and acquire the necessary things. So, they reach out to the banks for agricultural credit. In case of a crop failure, these farmers cannot return the money. Thus, the Karnataka government has come up with a massive relief scheme for the poor farmers. The name of this scheme is Raitara Salamanna Yojana and will waive off the credit of the agricultural labors to provide respite from financial worries.

Launch details of the scheme

Name of the scheme Raitara Sala Manna Yojana
Type Farmer Crop Loan Waiver Scheme
Launched in Karnataka
Launched by HD Kumaraswamy
Date of announcement 2018 – 2019
Date of implementation 2018 – 2019
Target beneficiaries Poor farmers of the state
Supervised by Karnataka Agricultural and Farmer Welfare Department
Official portal of the scheme clws. karnataka.gov.in
Helpline numbers 8277864019; 8277864032

Key features of the Raitara Sala Manna Yojana

  1. Paving the path for financial development – If farmers get financial respite in the form of loan waiver projects, they can take a sigh of relief. It lessens the economic burden on the poor farmers.
  2. Loan waiver scheme – The scheme is an initiative that will allow the state authority to forgive the agricultural credit that has been taken by the farmers from the banks.
  3. Maximum amount waiver – The scheme draft highlights that any farmer, who has taken no more than Rs. 2 lakhs from the banks need not worry about its repayment. 
  4. Special reward for non-defaulters – Special bonus amount will be awarded to the farmers who have paid their credit EMIs on time. Rs. 25,000 will be transferred in their bank accounts, which they can use in other agricultural developmental activities.
  5. Cost cutting by state authority – The CM has ordered the other state ministers, and respective departments to lower unnecessary expenditures to allow more savings in the state funds, which will aid the scheme’s implementation.
  6. More cess – After the official implementation of this scheme, the Karnataka government has also increased the cess on some products to ensure more inflow of cash in the state coffers.
  7. More excise duty – The state government will also increase the excise duty on the list of items to ensure that there is no hindrance in the collection of funds for the implementation of this credit waiver scheme.
  8. Number of beneficiaries – The state agricultural department has published a report stating that 17.32 lakh poor and needy farmers can get the benefits of this loan waiver project. Apart from this, the state will pay an encouragement amount to another 27.67 lakh beneficiaries, who have not missed credit installment payments.
  9. Budgetary allocation – Earlier, the Chief Minister of the state has announced that it needs to shell out nearly Rs. 34,000 Crore for implementing this project successfully. However, resent estimates have hiked this amount to a whopping Rs 6,500 Crore.
  10. State will pay the banks – The financial department, worked in unison with the agricultural department, and concluded that the banks, which had offered agricultural credit to farmers will receive Rs. 34000 crore from the Karnataka government.
  11. Loan waiver certificate – It has been mentioned in the scheme draft that every farmer, who attains the credit waiver benefits, will also receive a special certificate that will highlight the loan waiver order.

Eligibility Criteria for Crop Loan Waiver Karnataka

  1. Farmers of the state – It is a scheme that has been developed and implemented for the permanent resident farmers of Karnataka.
  2. Limit of credit – If the farmer’s agro-credit amount exceeds the mark of Rs. 2 lakhs, then he will not be considered eligible for the scheme.
  3. Time span of credit issuance – The scheme will only be applicable to such individuals who applied for agro-loan between 1st April 2009 and 31st December 2017.
  4. Types of farmers – Marginal and small farmers can apply for the benefits of the scheme.
  5. For non-tax payers – If the farmer pays any taxes, then he will not be able to attain the loan waiver scheme perks.
  6. Cooperative and government banks – If the agricultural worker has attained the loan from private banks, then he will not get the credit waiver benefits. Only government and cooperative bank issued loans will be recognized.
  7. Not for loans taken against any collateral – Some farmers use their farm machinery, jewelry and land as collateral to get credit from financial institutes. Such cases will not be considered under this project.

Documents necessary for Raitara Sala Manna Yojana

  1. Residential documents – Every interested applicant needs to furnish his permanent and legal state-issued residential papers.
  2. Aadhar card – The farmers, who possess their Aadhar card, must submit a photocopy for attaining the perks of this loan waiver scheme.
  3. Loan papers – The loan certificate, stating the total loan amount, must be furnished as well.
  4. Loan issuance documents – The loan issuance documents, highlight the date of application and the date of issuance, must be furnished as per orders.
  5. Farmers’ registration certificate – To support the small and marginal farmer claim, applicants must submit their registration certificates, which are issued by the Farmers’ Association in the state.
  6. Non-tax payer declaration – The agricultural workers must submit a declaration stating that he does not fall in the taxation slabs.
  7. Bank details – Farmers need to submit the details of the bank from where they have applied and taken the loan. If the banks do not fall in the government or cooperative sectors, then the application will be nullified.

How to apply for the Raitara Sala Manna Yojana Karnataka?

  1. Log in on the portal

    The Karnataka government has developed and launched a separate portal for the scheme. Applicants need to click on the Crop Loan Waiver Karnataka Portal to get to log in on the official portal.

  2. Select the right option for registration

    here are some options at the top of this homepage. One of these is marked as “Citizens.” The applicant must click on this option.

  3. Activating other options

    As soon as the candidate clicks on this button, four more option buttons will be activated.

  4. Access to online registration form

    After this, candidates need to click on the correct option to get to the online enrollment form.

  5. Form fill-up and submission

    Once the applicant gets access to the digitized application form, candidates must fill in the form. Then click on the “Submit” button to save the registration form.

How to check the application status?

  1. Log in on the portal – Applicants need not go to the Panchayat Office to gather information about their application status. It can be done by logging on to the official portal.
  2. Pick the “citizen” option – To check application status, candidates need to click on the button that is marked as “Citizen.”
  3. Application status check – It will bring up four more links. The fourth option from the left is marked as “Farmer Wise Eligibility Status”
  4. Get the details – Clicking on this link will open a new page in a new tab. Here, applicants can select the district, bank, and branch name. Once they type in the IFSC code of the respective branch, and click on the “Fetch Details” button, they will get the list of agricultural workers, who have been selected for the credit waiver scheme.


What is the percentage hike in cess?

The state government has increase the cess percentage from 6% to 9%.

Can cooperative members apply for this scheme?

If the agricultural workers are members of the cooperative, then they cannot apply for the benefits.

What is any farmer is a government employee?

If any member of the farmer’s family has a government job, then that farmers cannot get the loan waiver facility.

Can elected farmers enroll for this benefit?

If the farmer is an elected member of the village development body or Panchayat, then he cannot register for this program.

From where will you get the beneficiary list?

Applicants can get the beneficiary name list by logging in on the official portal link and then by clicking on the link that is marked as “Individual Loanee Report.”

Karnataka government has taken an impressive decision to waive off the credit for the poor and needy farmers. However, it is not the first or only state to do it. Loan waiver schemes like these are rather popular and show positive results. It has reduced instances of farmer suicide. The lure for a bonus for non-defaulters also encourages farmers to deposit their agricultural loan EMIs in the bank accounts on time.

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