[Apply] Biju Swasthya Kalyan Yojana Odisha (BSKY)

Biju Swasthya Kalyan Yojana Odisha (BSKY) 2019-20 [Eligibility Criteria, Health Card List, Check Status, Application Form Online Download, Toll Free Number, Hospital List, Renewal, Scheme Guideline]

Medical facilities are still lacking behind in remote areas of some states. Citizens are deprived of better medical facilities. However, to improve the situation and provide better medical facilities to the citizens of Odisha, the state government has launched Biju Swasthya Kalyan  Yojana. This shall help people living in the lower level of society get improved medical facilities. The following part of the article would take you through detailed information about the entitled scheme.

Biju Swasthya Kalyan Yojana In Odisha

Launch details of the scheme

Name of the scheme



Biju Swasthya Kalyan Yojana
Main aim of the scheme



Improvement of medical facilities in Odisha
Target group of scheme



Poor people of the state
Scheme has been launched by Naveen Patnaik
Scheme is announced in Odisha
Date of scheme announcement June 2018
Scheme implemented in the month of August 2018
Scheme supervised by Odisha health Department
Toll-free number for help 155369

 Key Features of the Scheme 

  • Free treatment to poor families – By effective implementation of the above-said scheme, the poor families can get proper medical benefits when needed. To get treatment, beneficiaries have to produce their smart card at the time of treatment in the enlisted medical centers.
  • Insurance coverage – The male beneficiaries will get coverage of 5 lakh that they can use for all members of the family. If the insurance coverage has been applied by a female member, the insurance amount would be rupees 10 lakh. Prior to this, the insurance coverage amount for women was rupees 7 lakhs.
  • Benefits to all family sizes – Unlike the previous time, there are no limits on the number of members of a family who can avail the scheme benefits. Previously, only five members of the family were allowed to get coverage under the insurance.
  • Offers medical facilities for poor – With the scheme, poor families of the state can get proper medical facilities. Also, this scheme will help in the development of medical facilities by encouraging government health centers to provide quality service to patients.
  • Scheme part of UHC project – The above said is collaborated with Universal Health Care project. According to the benefits of the scheme, the sub-central treatment centers will also offer free medical treatment to poor families in every district.
  • Includes secondary and tertiary treatment – As of now, a total of 4036 treatment packages have been sanctioned by the state government. But it is yet to include the primary diseases. Even with secondary and tertiary treatments, it would be of immense help for poor families.
  • Includes serious ailments –For patients suffering from issues such as kidney disease, cancer, or heart problems, should get free treatment. This benefit has been declared by the government with an exception. The annual income of the family has to be rupees 1 lakh or less. As of now, the limit has been changed to rupees 3 lakhs.
  • Treatment offered in listed hospitals – The free medical treatment will be offered by some state-run medical centers. The list of the centers has been chosen by the higher state authorities. In addition, some private medical centers have also been joined in this scheme. Therefore, only the selected beneficiaries of the scheme can get opportunities under this insurance scheme.
  • Surgeries included – Some serious health problems such as kidney issues, heart problems, lung diseases, and other organ-related issues are included in the above-said scheme. However, 255 life-threatening diseases have been included in the package list for the betterment of poor people in the state.
  • Travel allowance offered to patients – When the families from rural and remote places are traveling to the medical centers located in Odisha city, they will be given travel allowance as part of the above-said scheme. So, the government will give rupees 2000 as travel allowance so that the poor families can travel and avail the medical benefits in the city.
  • Treatment facility in other states –According to the benefits of the above-said scheme, the beneficiaries can travel to other states for medical purposes if necessary. In case the listed government institutes fail to provide suitable service, some nursing homes, and medical institutes have been selected by the government that would work as alternatives. However, the payment will be done by the state government on behalf of the patients. They only need to produce a smart card at the time of getting the medical facilities.

Eligibility criteria for the scheme

  1. Residents of state – To get medical insurance coverage under the above-said scheme, only the residents of Odisha can apply for the scheme.
  2. BPL applicant – During the scheme launch, the CM of the state was of the opinion that the scheme benefit will be given only to the ones who belong to the poverty level of the state. Therefore, special preference will be given to the BPL families.
  3. Beneficiaries of Biju Krushak Kalyan Yojana- The Biju Krushak Kalyan Yojana provides facilities to poor agricultural workers. However, the families included in the Biju Krushak Kalyan Yojana will automatically be enlisted under the above said insurance scheme. So, the candidates of Biju Krushak Kalyan Yojana should submit relevant documents at the time of application for the medical insurance coverage scheme.
  4. APL candidates – Candidates belonging to APL group can also apply for the above-said scheme. Therefore, with suitable documents, they can get the benefits of insurance coverage.
  5. Excludes taxpaying households – To avail the perks of the insurance coverage scheme, only the non-tax paying households can apply. The households paying taxes are not allowed to get benefits under the scheme.
  6. Not for government or corporate employees – Candidates who are working in any government run organization or corporate sectors are not allowed to get benefits under the above-mentioned scheme. Even if any members of the family are working in any of the above-said sectors, they are not eligible to get the scheme benefits.
  7. Annual income – Considering the annual income of the candidates, only two categories of people can avail the scheme benefits. An applicant living in a rural area with annual income not more than rupees 40000 is eligible to opt for the scheme. The maximum limit for the rural dwellers is rupees 60000. The people with the maximum limit may be city dwellers as well who wish to get benefits of the scheme.

Documents required for the scheme

  • Identification document – As identification, the candidate has to submit Aadhaar card, Voter ID card, or ration card. This should be submitted at the time of applying for the above-said scheme. The documents will be scrutinized by higher authorities of the state.
  • Residential proof – If candidates fail to produce suitable documents at the time of application, their application might get rejected for the same. Only the residents of Odisha can get benefits. Citizens from other states cannot get benefits.
  • BPL documents – The BPL candidates have to produce their BPL certificate at the time of application for the scheme. This shall help to justify their claim that they belong to BPL level.
  • Income certificate –The applicant should produce their income certificate at the time of application for the scheme. This would help to justify their claim that they belong to the lower strata of society.

Online Form Download, Process – 

  1. Since a huge number of people belong to the lower strata of society, it becomes difficult for them to visit the health care offices to get the scheme benefits. For the same, they can opt for online registration under the scheme. For the same, they have to visit the online portal of the scheme. So, they have to visit http://bkky.gov.in/.
  2. As soon as the homepage shows up, the candidates have to open the right link that will forward them to the application form of Biju Swasthya Kalyan Yojana Allowance. It will be the digitalized version of the form.
  3. The candidates have to fill in the details of the form with correct information. Other than providing information such as age, name, gender, the applicant should enter the correct Aadhaar number along with an active mobile number. These are important information for registering under this scheme.
  4. After entering all necessary details, candidates have to click on the submit option. With this, the registration procedure will complete, and the application will be submitted to higher authorities for verification.
  5. Following the submission of the application form, the online portal will show a confirmation message upon submission of the form. However, the confirmation message will also be sent to the registered mobile number with the scheme.

Offline registration for the scheme

  1. The interested candidates can opt for online registration for the scheme from the comfort of their home. However, the online process has been encouraged by the government so that it can be done rapidly and at ease.
  2. The state authorities have also made arrangements for the people who are not comfortable with the online mode of registration. They will be given facilities of offline registration to get benefits under the scheme.
  3. By entering correct details in the application form, the candidate should submit the same to Field Key Officers. Following this, the submitted documents will be verified by the officers before the candidates are selected to get the scheme benefits.
  4. The state authorities will give smart cards to the eligible candidates only after proper verification of the documents submitted. With the help of the smart card, the candidates can avail free medical treatment and get the same for their family members as well.

Health cards related to the scheme

According to the rules of Biju Swasthya Kalyan  Yojana Odisha, the enlisted medical centers by the state will offer the candidates smart card. The health card facility was offered during Biju Krushak Kalyan Yojana. However, this card facility has been againintroduced for the above-said scheme.This card will be given to candidates that they have to produce when they visit the enlisted medical centers for getting medical facilities.

As per recent updates from the state government, women candidates will get better health care facilities under the above-said scheme. Unlike the previous amount, people will get rupees 10 lakhs for better treatment. Thus, with the effective implementation of the scheme, the state government can improve the health condition of the state.


How can I use Biju swasthya Kalyan Yojana card?

If you are a beneficiary of the scheme, then you must take the scheme health card, and go to the preferred government of private medical treatment center, in the hour of need. Once you reach the hospital, you must show the medical pass at the reception. The hospital authority will check the card and send you for examination. After this, the doctors will detect the treatment you require. The Swasthya Mitras, present at the respective medical center will take the necessary steps to initiate the hospitalization procedure. The beneficiary will attain cashless and paperless treatment facilities. Apart from this, beneficiaries can come for post-treatment checkups, that too for free.

What is BKKY card?

The full-form of BKKY is Biju Krushak Kalyan Yojana. The implementation of this scheme was to offer medical insurance coverage facilities for the poor farmers of Odisha. The beneficiaries received a registration card after successfully enrolling under the scheme. The name of this scheme card is BKKY card. Farmers can show is card to the hospitals and attain free treatment.

How can I get health card in Odisha?

Any interested applicant can get the Health Card in Odisha by enrolling under the scheme. A person can apply online through the portal. Otherwise, applicants can opt for the offline process, where they need to reach out to the agents of insurance companies, which are listed to settle the medical bills.

In which hospitals can the beneficiaries get free treatment?

The beneficiaries of this medial insurance coverage scheme will be able to get free admission and treatment facilities in any of the Public Health Care Institutions. They can also go to the District Headquarter Hospitals and Sub-Center Hospitals. Apart from the medical treatment centers, which are aided and run by the Odisha government, the beneficiaries can also get admission and apply for cashless treatment in any of the 208 private nursing homes, which have been empaneled under this scheme.

Who is there to facilitate at point of service?

Interested applicants and the beneficiaries may have some queries about the application or hospitalization procedure. In that case, they must go to the point of service booth. Here, the candidates will be greeted by the Swasthya Mitras. These agents will help the applicants and beneficiates.

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