Double Bedroom 2BHK housing scheme Telangana 2019-20

Double Bedroom 2BHK housing scheme in Telangana 2019-20 [Application Form Online Download, Eligibility, Check Status, Last date, List] 

The 2BHK housing scheme in Telangana has been launched with its primary focus of helping the family living in the lower strata of the society. As per the scheme rules, it will give housing benefits to the poor families belonging to ST, SC, and other backward sections of the society. Beneficiaries working under the entitled scheme will get 560 square foot homes amounting to 5 to 9 lakh for free of cost. From a total of rupees 18000 crore amount allotted under the scheme, the state government has already given rupees 3230 for the improvement of the project. Read below to know more about the entitled scheme.

2BHK housing scheme in Telangana

Launch details of the scheme

Name of scheme


2BHK housing scheme in Telangana
Target group of scheme


Poor people of the state
Main objective of the scheme


Provide housing facility to low-income families of the state
Scheme launched in


Scheme announced by


Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao
Amount allotment for the scheme Rupees 18000 crore


Key features of the 2BHK housing scheme

  • Main aim of the scheme – The main objective of the scheme is to provide proper housing facilities to low-income families who are living in slums. The housing units will be sanctioned in the name of women members of the households.
  • Target group of the scheme – The ST, SC and backward classes of the society and with the help of the housing units, the low-income families can live with dignity in the newly built houses by the help of the state government.
  • Facilities given under scheme – Underthis scheme, two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a hall, a kitchen, two lofts for storage will be included in 430 square feet of carpet area.

However, other than this, the state government will assist in developing the slum area and convert them into colonies. It will include the necessary infrastructure, water supply, internal roads, electricity lines, drainage, and sewage system, and the like for helping the poor.

Eligibility Criteria for the Double bedroom Scheme Telangana

  • Families belonging to BPL category – Only the families belonging to the BPL category can apply for the above-said scheme. However, there will be some reserved seats for SC, ST, and the backward groups in every location under this scheme.
  • Food security card – Individuals applying under the scheme should have food security card. They have to introduce the same at the time of online registration for the scheme. Therefore, the housing units will be given in the name of the woman member of the family.
  • Eligibility condition – Only the citizens belonging to Telangana can get the scheme benefits. However, citizens from other states cannot get the benefits under the scheme.
  • Annual income – The poor household applying to get scheme benefits should produce details of annual income. However, a limit of annual income will be set that shall help to identify whether the household is indeed poor to get the scheme benefits. The new housing unit will be sanctioned in the name of the female member of the family.

Documents required under the scheme

  • Identity proof – As identity proof, the households should produce Aadhaar card, ration card or voter ID card at the time of online registration. This will be required by higher authorities to check the identity of the household. Also, they get to know whether the individual belongs to the state of Telangana or not.
  • Income certificate – The income certificate is required to know about its income limit. Based on this, the family will be given the housing unit in the name of its women member.
  • BPL card – This is also required at the time of online registration. This will ensure that they household to BPL category and they deserve to avail scheme benefits.
  • Bank details –Bank details such as IFSC code, name of the account holder, and the like should be submitted. The beneficiary amount will be credited directly in the linked bank account of the women member of the family.

How to apply online for 2BHK Double Bedroom scheme registration?

  • For the eligible candidates of the above-said scheme, online registration procedures have come up. According to this, the beneficiaries have to visit the 2 BHK Scheme Telangana official portal of the scheme and fill for the application for grant of double bedroom form online.
  • After filling with necessary details, candidates have to submit the same at the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation. Other than this, they can also submit at the gram sabha to a designated officer.
  • Along with the online application form, the beneficiaries have to submit relevant documents as mentioned above, that will be required for scrutiny. Apart from documents, photographs of candidates are also required along with food security card number.

With all these documents, along with the application form, the tehsildar will forward the application to the state authority. As of now, officials have been asked to check submitted documents and application form of 10000 completed units under the scheme.

Current status of housing construction under the scheme

The slowing pace of the work is on account of evacuation and cost issues. As of now, 1.23 lakh units are completed. In addition, 55, 764 units are in progress, and 32, 008 houses are ready for possession. Along with this, 91, 306 housing units are getting its last touch before handing it over to the beneficiary families.

However, the state has deployed licensed developers to look after the above-said scheme. For fast work, the government has planned to lower earnest money limit from one percent that was earlier to three percent now. In addition, the state has promised to provide free sand to the contractors of the project.

Though the construction of the housing units slowed down for quite some time, it has picked up now. In this regard, constructors are of the opinion that the slow rate of housing construction is on account of low construction cost that has been given to each unit.

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