[Register] Didi Ke Bolo Campaign in WB 2019-20

Didi Ke Bolo Campaign in West Bengal 2019 [Online Registration Form, Direct contact to WB CM, Online Poral, Helpline Number]

The new ‘Didi Ke Bolo Campaign’ has been started to resolve any unwanted problems that might crop up pertaining to upcoming West Bengal assembly elections in 2021. The online registration facility has also been initiated to reach out to the common mass easily. However, this initiative has been taken by CM Mamata Banerjee. The portal has been started along with a helpline number to provide adequate assistance to the common mass of the state. Through this contact details, the common people should lodge their grievances that would reach state CM. However, citizens of the state have to follow the online application procedure to post their problems.

Didi Ke Bolo Campaign in West Bengal

Launch details of the online portal

Name of campaign Didi Ke Bolo Campaign in West Bengal
Initiated by CM Mamata Banerjee
Objective To address complaints and problems of the common mass
Target group Common people of West Bengal including the village dwellers
Portal didikebolo.com
Helpline number 9137091370


Didi Ke Bolo Campaign Portal Features

  • The main objective of launching the online portal is to get connected with the people living at the grassroots level. By strengthening the connection, it would increase the chances of the party to get success in the upcoming elections.
  • The online portal launch under ‘DidiKe Bolo Campaign’ is first of its kind by Trinamool Congress. Through this, common mass can launch a complaint through the portal, or they can also contact CM through the helpline number at 9137091370.
  • Almost 1000 Trinamool Congress leaders are going to visit different villages across Bengal in the next three months and so. This would be done as part of major party programs before the assembly elections.
  • Through this step, CM of the state is trying to plan for an effective comeback and get back the lost support of rural areas in Bengal. By starting to resolve problems at the local level, it would help the party to eradicate corruptions from the grassroots level.

However, in addition to this, CM has also advised party leaders to start working with block-level and try to solve common people’s problems. This way, they are trying to boost the booth workers along with influential people to win their confidence.

Online complaint registration

Some easy steps are mentioned in the following part of the article that would help citizens to opt for online registration.

  1. First, you have to visit the official portal created by CM at https://www.didikebolo.com/.
  2. After the homepage shows up, you have to opt for online registration. For this, you can get the application form from the online portal.
  3. Now, after you have filled the required details in the application form, you can directly contact with CM.

However, after this, you can lodge your complaints, problems, or other issues to CM through the online portal. Therefore, with the successful launch of the portal, it will help the common mass of the state to get connected with state CM. So, this portal can be considered as a platform through which common people can voice their concern to the state CM.

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