Punjab Mobile Phones to Youth Scheme – Free Smartphones 2020

Punjab Mobile Phones to Youth Scheme – Free Smartphones 2020-21 [Application Form Online, Eligibility, Documents, How to Apply, Mobile Features]

The current Chief Minister of Punjab has announced in before the election that his government will offer free smartphones to people of all ages. To cater to the demands of the young school students, he has announced that the state will soon launch Mobile Phones to the Youth Scheme. It will pave the path for digital literacy among the school students. In this article, you will get information about the features of the scheme. Apart from this, you will also gather details about the features of this scheme, and the eligibility and documents, which are mandatory for application.

Name of the scheme Mobile Phones to the Youth Scheme
Launched in Punjab
Launched by Amarinder Singh
Target beneficiaries Students of classes 11 and 12
Supervised by Punjab State Government

Key features of the scheme

  1. Encourage digital literacy – The primary objective of this free smartphone scheme is to make the youngsters more aware of the digital platforms. These smartphones will provide information as applicants can go online and surf the internet.
  2. Free smartphone – Eligible school girls and body will attain a new smartphone free of cost. The Punjab state government will purchase these phones and distribute them to selected and eligible applicants.
  3. Phase-wise distribution – To ensure that the eligible applicants from all schools of the sate get the smartphone, the CM has decided that the implementation and distribution will be carried out in phase-wise manner.
  4. First phase includes girls – The first phase of the mobile application and distribution is set to commence in December 2019. During this phase, preference will be given to female school students. The second phases will offer the same facilities for school boys.
  5. Features of the smartphones – All smartphones will have a touchscreen for easy operations. The phone will come with camera so that the students can take pictures. The smartphone will be of no use if it does not come with internet connectivity. Applicants can get a SIM card and purchase an internet service pack to connect with the virtual world.  

Eligibility to apply for the scheme

  1. Must be a resident of Punjab – Only those students, who are legal and permanent residents of this state, will be able to acquire the smartphone, as promised under this project.
  2. Must be regular school student – It is mandatory for the interested applicants to be regular school students. The students, who are currently studying in classes 11 and 12, will be allowed to acquire the benefit of this scheme.
  3. Must not have a smartphone – If any school student wants to apply for the scheme, he/she must not possess a smartphone. All candidates, who already have a smartphone, will not be allowed to participate in this project.

Documents necessary for application

  1. Residential proof – As only the permanent and legal residents of Punjab will be permitted to get the smartphones, all students are required to submit official documents, which highlight that they are legal residents of this state.
  2. Identification proof –Identification of the students is necessary before they state government allots a mobile in the applicant’s name. The submission of the Aadhar card copy will help the state officials to make necessary background checks.
  3. School certificate – As this scheme is targeted towards the students of a specific category, interested applicants need to submit their school certificate. The certificate will highlight the current class in which these students study.

How to get application form and register for the scheme?

The Punjab Cabinet has just passed the new scheme. The Chief Minister of the state has announced the salient features of the project. But he has not mentioned anything about the official launch date. He is yet to say anything about the registration process as well. As soon as the state officials make any new accouchements regarding the registration process, we will update it on the site. You will get all scheme related updates on our portal.

The state government will be able to educate the students about the digital platforms through this scheme. Apart from helping them with their studies, the smartphones will also increase the communication system. These students will be able to acquire information about any new government scheme that comes up in the future.

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