Kanyashree Scheme in West Bengal 2019-20

Kanyashree Scheme Prakalpa in West Bengal 2019-20 [Online Application Form K1, K2, K3 Download, Eligibility, Check Status, FAQ, Portal, Helpline number, FAQ]

Chief Minister of West Bengal announced and launched the Kanyashree Scheme that is also known as Kanyashree Prakalpa. As per this project, female school students will attain scholarship. The grant will ensure that every girl gets the chance to complete her school education. Here, you will read about the features, eligibility, application and other related details.

kanyashree scheme in west bengal

Launch details

Name of the scheme Kanyashree Scheme Prakalpa
Launched in West Bengal
Launched by Mamata Banerjee
Date of announcement (Start) March 2013
Target beneficiaries Female school students
Scheme supervises by Women Development and Social Welfare Department Of West Bengal
Official website wbkanyashree.gov.in
Kanyashree day 14th Aug every year
Helpline number NA


Key features of the Kanyashree Scheme in West Bengal

  • Financial assistance to boost female education

As mentioned, the female literacy rate in the state is low. With this financial assistance, the West Bengal government will pave the path for better education of female school students from needy families.

  • Reducing school dropouts

Most poor families cannot afford to send their girls to school as they do not have the money to purchase book and stationaries. So, school dropout percentage increases. With the state government offering financial support, the dropout percentage will come down.

  • Prevent child marriage

The scheme only provides financial assistance to students who remain unmarried till they attain 18 years. It is a competent way to ensure eradication of child marriage, especially in rural areas.

  • Encouraging vocational training

As this scheme also included students from vocational institutes; more girls will be encouraged to opt for such training.

Scholarship details of Kanyashree Scheme

Two scholarship grants – Under the Kanyashree Prakalpa, the state government offers two scholarship schemes.

  • K1 – Every beneficiary, falling under the K1 category will receive Rs. 750 every year
  • K2 – Under the K2 grant category, beneficiaries will get Rs. 25,000 in their bank accounts, once they pass 12th K2 grant category offers Rs. 25,000 in a single installment. The applicant can use the money to pay for college and attaining higher education.

During the implementation of the education scholarship scheme, there were only two categories, as per which beneficiaries were to attain the financial support. In 2017, a new category was added to the existing scheme. It was termed as K3 category.

  • K3 – Under this category, students who desire to continue their post-graduation education will attain financial assistance from the state government. If the K3 scholarship beneficiary pursues master degree in any science subject, then she will be entitled to attain Rs. 2500 per month in her bank account. In case the student pursues master degree in the art stream, then the scholarship amount will be Rs. 2000 per month. She will continue to receive the grant till the post-graduation course completes.

Eligibility Criteria for Kanyashree Scheme

  • Resident of the state

Only legal residents of West Bengal can apply and get the money, promised as per the scheme.

  • School students only

Only those female school students, who study in state-run or state aided schools, can apply for the financial assistance.

  • Age requirement

Applicants, who want to apply for the K1 scholarship project must not be less than 13 years and should not cross the 17 years mark. Candidates, opting for the K2 grant scheme need to fall in the age bracket of 18 and 19 years.

  • Family income requirement

It has been highlighted in the scheme draft that if the annual income of the applicant’s family is more than Rs. 120000, then she will no longer be deemed eligible for this scholarship scheme.

  • Poor and needy applicants

The scheme also allows such applicants, who belong to the BPL category to register for this educational grant.

  • Only for unmarried applicants

Only unmarried school students will get the educational grant, sponsored by the West Bengal government.

  • Educational requirement

The female students, who are currently in 8th to 12th standards, will be allowed to apply for the K1 and K2 grants.

  • Students from technical and vocational training institutes

Earlier, the grant was offered to female school students only. But new amendments were made in recent years. Female trainees, studying in vocational centers will also get financial assistance to further their studies.

  • Students with physical handicaps

The scheme draft highlights that the income criterion can be altered if the female school students is suffering from 40% or more physical or mental handicap.

Eligibility for K3 Category – 

  • Applicants, who have succeeded in enrolling for the K2 category, will only be allowed to register for the K3 scholarship category.
  • Interested applicants must score no less than 45% in the final examination of graduation level.
  • Once the students successfully get admission in any of the recognized universities, they will become eligible to register for K3 category.
  • The scheme draft highlights that unlike K1 and K2 categories, there is no maximum or minimum age bar for interested applicants.

Documents necessary for Kanyashree Prakalpa

  1. Residential documents – Interested and eligible applicants will be barred from getting the scholarship if they fail to produce legal residential papers.
  2. School documents – It is the responsibility of the school authority to gather attendance records and papers that highlight that the school is under the state education department, and attach these with the enrollment form.
  3. Age proof – As the age of the candidate plays an important role in grant issuance, submitting age proof documents is mandatory for the applicants.
  4. Income certificate – All interested applicants will have to produce an official document that highlights the overall annual income of the family.
  5. BPL certificate – In case the family falls below the poverty line, then candidate must submit a photocopy of the BPL certificate.
  6. Declaration of non-marital status – As this scheme does not allow the participation of married female students, the candidate must produce document that support her unmarried claims.
  7. Registration documents from institutes – If the female applicant is associated with a vocational institute or technical training center, then proper documents, issues from these institutes must be submitted.
  8. Handicap certificate – A separate allocation is proposed for any female school student who suffers from handicap. Thus, such applicants must go to the government hospital for handicap assessment. Once the assessment is complete, the head medical examiner must issue a handicap certificate.
  9. Aadhar card – Attaching a copy of the Aadhar card is a must if the applicant wants to get the scholarship.
  10. Bank account details – Every applicant must have a bank account and the details of this account must be mentioned in the application form for easy money transfer.

Download online registration form for Kanyashree Scheme WB –

You can download application form Kanyashree Scheme West Bengal official Portal. You can also get full information about this scheme.

How to apply for kanyashree Prakalpa? Offline process –

  1. To register for this scholarship, the applicants must get the application form from the respective school/institution.
  2. These enrollment forms are available at the school office for free.
  3. The application form has three sections – personal details section, contact details and address, and school details.
  4. The applicant must fill in these sections and get the signature or thumb print of her parents.
  5. It must be submitted to the office of the head master/mistress. It is his/her duty to check the facts and sign the form. After putting the official stamp, these forms must be sent to office of Women and Social Welfare department.
  6. Each applicant will get an acknowledgement slip that contains a unique code. It will serve as the applicant ID.

How to check status of the application for Kanyashree Scheme?

  1. Every applicant received a site-generated ID when they complete their registration.
  2. This ID will come in handy for checking the status of the application.
  3. To check application status, the candidate needs to click on the official scheme portal.
  4. On the top of the homepage, applicants can see an option that is marked as “Track Application.”
  5. When clicked, it will open a new page, from where the applicant can check the current status of her registration.
  6. Applicant needs to select the year and the scholarship type. Then she must type in the application ID. After this, she has to type in her birth date and captcha code.
  7. To start the status tracking process, applicant needs to click on the button that is marled as “Submit.”

Download Kanyashree Scheme Mobile App

The government has already launched a new app for this scheme. The name of this app is Kanyashree App. Candidates can download the app and gather more details in mobile. Click here for Download Kanyashree Mobile App.


Q: Will irregular school students get the grant?

Ans: No. Regularity is essential for applicants who which to get the money. The school needs to submit attendance records for each applicant.

Q:  Can candidates register scheme-related grievances?

Ans: The new site of the scheme offers applicants the opportunity to submit their complaints and grievances.

Q:  When will the applicant gain access to the one-time grant?

Ans: After passing 12th standard examination successfully and attaining 18 years, the one-time grant will be given to the applicants.

Q:  What is the mode of grant transfer?

Ans: All monetary transfers will be done via DBT or Direct Benefit Transfer in the applicant’s bank account.

Q: How will the applicants know about the grant transfer?

Ans: The banks will operate a system that triggers an SMS that will be sent to the registered mobile number. It will act as the receipt.

Q:  How many applicants have enrolled till date?

Ans:  Nearly 1,54,70,943 female school students have applied for the educational grant.

Q:  Do applicants need to apply for grant renewal?

Ans: As the students, within 13 and 17 years of age (under K1 category) will get grant on a yearly basis, applicants must renew once they graduate to the successive class.

Q:  Is it mandatory for the one-time grant to be used for higher education?

Ans: No. Once the applicant receives the one-time grant at the age of 18 years, she is free to use the money as per her wishes.

The scheme was simultaneously operated in the rural areas as well as in the urban areas. In cities, many families do not earn much to send their wards to school. Girls need not depend on their parents for financial assistance, as the one-time scholarship will cover graduation level expenses. Under this project, every girl will be able to go to school, and take a step towards a better future.

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