Delhi Ladli Scheme 2020 : Online Application Form

Delhi Ladli Scheme 2020 (Online Application Form Download, Check Status, List, Eligibility, Helpline number, Amount, Girl Child)

Social development can pave the path for proper empowerment. Though the government has put in significant effort to offer level playing field for male and female, gender biasness poses a threat to it. Financially weak families, living in the rural and urban areas do not invest much on the education of girls. So, girls cannot reach their optimum potential, and miss out on lucrative opportunities. The Delhi government has implemented the Ladli Yojana few years back. This scheme offers financial support to the girls, and allows them to complete their education. If you want to know more about the features, eligibility and application process, then read this article thoroughly.

delhi ladli scheme

Delhi Ladli Scheme Launch details

Name of the schemeLadli Yojna
Launched inDelhi
Launched byArvind Kejriwal
Date of announcement2008
Date of implantation2008 – 2009
Target beneficiariesGirl students
Supervised byDepartment of Women & Child Development
Application processOffline registration

Key features of the Delhi Ladli Scheme

  1. Development of girls – The scheme is an educational as well as social development project. It offers overall growth opportunities for girls.
  2. Financial support for education – Delhi government aims to engage more girls in the education system with a steady financial assistance package. Access to the money will not put undue financial pressure on the family.
  3. Renewal of application – It is mandatory for the beneficiaries to renew the application, once the girl completes every milestone.
  4. Total financial support – As per the scheme details, beneficiaries will get a total financial support of either Rs. 31000 or Rs. 30000.
  5. Two girls from each family – Eligible parents will be able to enroll two daughters for obtaining the financial perks of this scheme.
  6. Access to funds – The beneficiary will be able to get the money when she passes the final examination of class 12, or when she acquires the age of 18 years.
  7. Prevent female infanticide – Many poor families see the birth of a girl child as an added burden. Often, they opt for female infanticide. The implementation of this scheme prevented the rise of such cases.
  8. Lower school drop-out percentage – When the scheme was applied, the state education department recorded a massive reduction in the percentage of female drop-out candidates.

Financial benefits offered under Delhi Ladli Scheme

  1. After the birth of the girl – If the mother delivers the girl in a hospital, the Delhi government will provide Rs. 11,000 in the account. A financial assistance of Rs. 10,000 will be deposited in the bank account if the child is born at home.
  2. Admission in 1st standard – When the child takes admission in class 1, the state government will deposit Rs 5000 in her account.
  3. Admission in 6th standard – After the successful admission of the girl in class 6, she will receive Rs. 5000 in her bank account.
  4. Admission in 9th and 12th standards – Rs. 5000 will be credited to the bank account of the beneficiary when she takes admission in class 9 and 12 respectively.
  5. On passing 10th standard – The beneficiaries, who pass the final exam of class 10 will be awarded with Rs. 5000.

Eligibility for applicants

  1. Residential requirement – The government will consider the applications of those girls, whose family has been living within the borders of Delhi for three years continuously. Candidates, failing to meet this criterion will not get the project benefits.
  2. Only for students – The development of this educational scheme has been made for benefiting female pupils.
  3. Recognized schools – The applicant must go to a government school or an institute that is aided and is registered under the Delhi government.
  4. Family income criterion – The scheme details highlight that the yearly income of the applicant’s family must not cross the Rs. 1 lakh mark.
  5. Bank account – It is mandatory for the parents to open a zero balance account in the name of the girl child.

Documents necessary

  1. Residential documents – All applicants must furnish domicile certificates to become the beneficiaries of this developmental project.
  2. Academic details – The respective school must issue a certificate in the name of the applicant, stating that she is a regular candidate there.
  3. Birth certificate – A photocopy of the child’s birth certificate must be furnished by the parents, during registration.
  4. Income certificate – It is necessary for the parents to get an income certificate, issued by the local authority.
  5. Caste certificate – If the applicant belongs to any backward caste, then she must submit a copy of the ST, SC or OBC certificate.
  6. Group snap of the family – Applicants must attach a group photograph of the girl with her parents for verification.
  7. Bank account details – During enrollment, the parents must highlight the details of the zero balance bank account, where the Delhi government will deposit the money.

How to apply for the Delhi Ladli Scheme

  1. Online registration form – Though the registration process is offline, candidates must click on the link to get the virtual enrollment document.
  2. Downloading the form – The form is available in a PDF format. An interested applicant must click on the download button to obtain the form. The applicant must get a printout of this document.
  3. Form fill-up – The candidate must fill in the registration document with correct details.
  4. Attach documents – The copies of the necessary documents, mentioned above must be attached with the enrollment form.
  5. Form submission – The candidate needs to submit the form at the respective District Office.


Q: What are the other sources of obtaining the form of Delhi Ladli Scheme?

Ans: Any branch of SBI, office of Social Welfare Department, government schools.

Q; What is the helpline number of Ladli Scheme?

Ans: 011-23381892

The Prime Minister has pointed out on various occasions that both male and female children must be given equal opportunities. It is the best way to secure the future of the nation. The implementation of the Ladli Yojana is a significant step, taken by the Delhi government. Adequate financial assistance at regular intervals encourages the beneficiaries to stay attached with the traditional education system.

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