Chief Minister Employment Generation Programme in Maharashtra 2019

Chief Minister Employment Generation Programme in Maharashtra (CMEGP) 2019-20 for MSME [Eligibility Criteria, Documents, Registration Form Process]

It seems rather difficult for the state governments to offer proper job opportunities for the educated youngsters. There are not enough jobs in the market to meet the demand. Developing the right platform for business can help the situation. The Maharashtra government is planning to launch a new scheme, named Chief Minister Employment Generation Programme with this intent.

Chief Minister Employment Generation Programme In Maharashtra

Launch details

Name of the scheme Chief Minister Employment Generation Programme
Launch location Maharashtra
Preliminary announcement by Devendra Fadnavis
Initial announcement date June 2019
Estimated launch date Soon
Target beneficiaries Unemployed and business enthusiasts

Key features of the scheme

  1. Development of the job sector – Many educated people leave Maharashtra and go to other states to get a good job. The state plans to keep such people in the state by offering them capital assistance to start new businesses. Preliminary discussions show that this project will be able to address this requirement.
  2. Job creation – The principal motive behind the development and implementation of this proposed scheme will the creation of more vocational opportunities for the people, within the state borders. The CM said that when the scheme rolls out around 10 lakh new opportunities of employment attainment.
  3. Selected sector – Only those businesses, which will fall in the micro, medium and small groups will be considered eligible for this scheme.
  4. Creation of micro venture – Another reason for the development of this project will be to offer the much-needed lift to all micro category business ventures. The state will take all necessary initiatives to establish as many as 1 lakh micro business ventures on an annual basis.
  5. Estimated tenure – After the scheme is officially rolled out, Maharashtra government will continue the project for five consecutive years for offering the necessary boost to the new business venture.
  6. Special reservation – The scheme will also take care of those women who desire to make their mark in the small and medium scale business sector. The scheme will offer 30% reservation to the interested and eligible women.
  7. Beneficiary groups – The CM pointed out that when the scheme will be developed and implemented, the self-help groups, institutions and trusts will be assimilated under the project. Apart from these, solo business owners and members of registered co-operative societies will also receive necessary funds for development.
  8. Focus on villages – The focus of this yet-to-be-announced scheme will be mainly on the development of rural areas. It can only be accomplished with industrialization in villages. When the project will be implemented, 40% of the proposed units will be established in the villages of Maharashtra.
  9. Necessary funding by the state – The Cm also mentioned that the scheme draft will have provision for financial assistance for the beneficiaries. The money will ensure that they develop their ventures properly. Manufacturing agencies might receive around Rs. 50 lakhs, while the maximum amount for service-based ventures will be Rs. 10 lakhs.
  10. Industrial parks – During the discussion session, the CM mentioned that when the project will be officially rolled out, the state government will commission the construction of industrial parks at taluka levels. Around 50 industrial parks will come up at the talukas.

Eligibility and documents necessary for application

  1. Residential requirement – As the project will be designed, operated and funded by the Maharashtra government, people who have official residential proof documents will get the opportunity to attain the scheme benefits.
  2. Educated applicants – During the initial discussion session of the scheme, the CM did mention that the benefits will be offered to those candidates, who possess necessary academic qualification. During the initial discussions, CM said nothing about the educational qualification of the eligible applicants. But it offers a hint that application process will require candidates to submit their educational certificates.
  3. Business registration under MSME – Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise department offers separate registration to the business organizations, depending on their size and activity. Every interested applicant must possess this registration document. It shows that their claim is authentic, and they will use the money for the development of the venture.
  4. ID proof of applicants – As the enrollment will be completed via the scheme portal, applicants need to be prepared to upload their identification documents, like voter card and Aadhar cards. When the scheme launches, the government official will require these documents for fact checking.
  5. Bank account details – For attaining the business funding, applicants must have an active bank account. Maharashtra government will transfer the promised amount directly in the bank account of the applicant. DBT ensure that the right person gets the money and utilizes it properly.

How to get registration document and apply?

The CM office has only talked about the launch of this scheme. The Maharashtra government needs time to create the necessary plans. Once the blueprint is ready, it will be analyzed by the government officials. It will give them an idea of the possible issues and respective solutions. The benefit of launching a separate scheme related website is that applicants need not worry about manual enrollment and beneficiary list checking. Thus, the implementation will only star after the launch of the scheme portal. The portal based application will not only make the enrollment and status checking process easy, but will also make the program paperless. Stay tuned for more information on this scheme. We will keep you updated about the new developments.

Everything is in planning state. The CM wanted to let the common people know that the government is working for the benefit of individuals, from all classes. It also suggests that the Maharashtra government is prepared to take potent measures to ensure that unemployment comes down in rural as well as urban areas.

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