[Apply] Odisha Mamata Yojana 2019-20

Odisha Mamata Yojana for Pregnant Women 2019-20 [Application Form Online, Eligibility, Helpline number, List, Card, Check Status]

The future of the state depends on the proper growth and development of the children. In case the mothers are not healthy and strong, then they will fail to care for their babies. Poor and needy women must go back to their jobs to earn money. It prevents them from spending time with the infants. The Odisha authority came up with a scheme that was targeted towards the health betterment of pregnant and lactating mothers.


Launch details

Name of the scheme Mamata Yojana
Launched in Odisha
Launched by Naveen Patnaik
Date of announcement 2011 – 2012
Date of official launch September 2011
Target beneficiaries Pregnant and lactating women
Official portal wcdodisha.gov.in
Helpline numbers 2536775
Total amount 5000 Rs

Key features of the Mamata Yojana

  • Women and child welfare

The Odisha  government has launched and implemented this scheme for medical betterment not only the pregnant women, but also those who are the nurturing the infants.

  • Pregnant and lactating women

Only expecting mothers and those women who are nurturing their new born babies will be able to get the benefits of the scheme.

  • Total grant amount

Every beneficiary will attain a total of Rs. 5000 from the state government, is she fulfills all criteria.

  • Payment in installments

The Odisha government will pay the money in two separate installments.

First Installment – In the first installment, applicants will attain Rs. 3000. Second Installment – During the second installment, 2000 will be deposited in the Beneficiary bank account.

  • Incentive for health care workers

The state health department will require the assistance of the Anganwadi workers, ANM workers and other health care workers for the successful implementation of this scheme. Thus, a special incentive program has been announced for them.

  • Reduced instances of malnourishment

The money that the beneficiaries will attain under the scheme will help mothers to meet the nutritional and medical requirements of the children and themselves. Thus, they need not worry about malnutrition issues.

  • Institutional child birth

Death of mother and child, during childbirth, may happen due to several complications. Only treatment facilities have the necessary resources to manage these risks. Thus, mothers, who deliver their babies in hospitals or health care centers, will be eligible to attain the grant money.

Eligibility for Mamata Yojana Odisha

  1. Only for residents of Odisha – Only those lactating and expecting ladies will attain the money if they are legal residents of Odisha.
  2. Financially weak categories – The development of this mother and child welfare scheme has been done to ensure financial assistance to the poor and needy families, especially those who come under the BPL category.
  3. Age requirement – The scheme details highlight that in case the age of the mother is less than 19 years, then she will be barred from getting the perks of this scheme.
  4. For two children only – Any woman will acquire the monetary grants for two children. If the woman is pregnant for the third time, she cannot apply for this financial benefit.
  5. Pregnancy tests are compulsory – Interested applicants must complete the registration within three months of child conception. The ultra sound tests must be done after every three months. If the baby is well, then the mothers will attain the monetary grant.
  6. Completion of children’s vaccinations – In case the mother misses any of the vaccination appointments, which ensure the health and development of the child; she will not receive the money. All necessary vaccination courses must be completed.
  7. Bank account is a must – If the applicant does not have a bank account, then she will not be able to attain the financial benefits. Only applicants with access the bank accounts can be a part of this scheme.

Documents necessary for application

  1. Residential documents – As the scheme will be funded and implemented by the state government, it is only open to those women, who possess permanent and legal residential documents, issued by the state government.
  2. BPL certificate – All interested and eligible applicants must submit a copy of their BPL certificates.
  3. Age proof of the candidate – The mothers must furnish a copy of their age certification documents.
  4. MCP card – The Anganwadi Centers in the village will issue a Mother Child Protection card. This card must be brought to the PHP during all check-ups.
  5. Child vaccination reports – The mothers must bring the necessary documents, which highlight that the children have received the necessary vaccination.
  6. Child development report – The Anganwadi Center will issue another card where the development of the child, on a monthly basis will be recorded.
  7. Bank account details – The state government will make use of the DBT mode to deposit the money in the bank account of the applicant. Thus, all bank and account related details must be furnished.
  8. Aadhra card – Applicants must possess the original and a photocopy of their Aadhar cards as well during the enrollment process.

How to apply for the Mamata Yojana Odisha?

  1. Go to Anganwadi Centers –

    Pregnant women must go to the nearest Primary Health Care center or the Anganwadi centers to complete their enrollment.

  2. Doctor will Check beneficiary –

    The doctors will check the current condition and determine whether three months are over or not.

  3. Some test required –

    Then the doctors will prescribe some tests, which will ensure that the woman in pregnant with a child.

  4. Fill Application Form –

    When the test reports come back positive, then the ANM or Anganwadi center head must fill in application for, stating the personal and contact details of the mother.

  5. MCP Card –

    The test reports will be mentioned in the MCP card. This card will come in handy for writing down the updated condition of the applicant, as the pregnancy advances.

  6. Verification required –

    Each application form will be sent to the district health office. From there, it will go to the state heath departed for scrutiny and filing.

  7. Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) –

    It will conclude the registration process, and the selected beneficiaries will attain the grant money in their bank accounts.


Will poor but non-working pregnant and lactating mothers get the financial assistance?

The scheme highlights that non-working pregnant and lactating women will also attain the money?

Is it mandatory for the women to have a bank account?

Every applicant must have a bank account to receive the monetary deposits.

Is it mandatory for the child to complete vaccination?

Without submitting the complete vaccination reports, the final installment will not be released.

Will health care agents get any incentive?

The state government has announced special incentives for the health care workers.

Is there online application mode?

All registrations will take place via offline modes, at the Anganwadi Center or Primary Health Care centers

Preserving the health of the mothers is mandatory for the proper growth and development of the children. The scheme not only offers financial assistance to poor and needy pregnant women, but lactating mothers will also get the grant. This ensures that they will not have to leave the infant unattended or in the care of someone else. The financial grant will allow the mothers to take a leave from their work, and care for the infant. With proper food, medication and other related facilities, both mothers and children will get a healthy and happy life.

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