[Apply] Mahamesh Yojana in Maharashtra

Mahamesh Yojana in Maharashtra 2019-20 [Application Form Online, Eligibility, How to apply, Portal, Helpline number]

Apart from farming, animal husbandry is also a potential source of income for the Indian farmers. But sheep farming is only limited to the northern states. Thought the capital investment is comparatively high, the farmers can get impressive returns from this animal farming. The Maharashtra state government has realized this potential and announced a new scheme for those individuals, who are interested in sheep farming. Under the Mahamesh Yojana, the state government has promised to offer subsidy to the sheep farmers. In this article, you will get a detailed account of the features, eligibility, necessary documents and the application procedure.


Launch details of the scheme

Name of the scheme Mahamesh Yojana
Launched in Maharashtra
Launched by Devendra Fadnavis
Date of announcement 2019 – 2020
Official launch date 2019
Target beneficiaries Sheer farming enthusiasts
Supervised by Maharashtra Animal Husbandry Department
Helpline numbers +91 7447852088; 020-25657112
Support website address support@mahamesh.co.in

Key features of the scheme

  1. Proper facility for development of sheep farming – The main objective of the Maharashtra government for the launch of this scheme is to educate the interested applicants about the benefits of sheep farming.
  2. Subsidy on investment – Applicants, who want to start this business, will attain a subsidy of around 75% on the capital investment that is necessary to set up the farm.
  3. Subsidy on necessary equipment – An additional subsidy of 50% will also be offered on the purchase of the machineries, which are required to run the sheep farm.
  4. Number of beneficiaries – For the time being, the state government will offer these benefits to as many as 1000 sheep farmers.
  5. Number of sheep allocated to the farmer – If a new sheep farmer wants to join the business, then the state government will provide him/her with sheep flock that has a total of 20 sheep. An adult male sheep will also be added to the flock for breeding purposes.
  6. Financial assistance to ensure proper sheep’s diet – The sheep farming will not generate satisfactory revenue is the sheep are not in top shape. For this, the animals will require special fodder. The sheep farmers will attain the special fodder at 50% subsidized costs.
  7. Nodal agency – The Goat Department Corporation, along with the experts of the Punyashlok Ahilya Devi Maharashtra will be in-charge of monitoring the scheme and related activities.
  8. Both rural and urban sectors – Sheep farming enthusiasts, residing in the villages as well as in the urban localities will attain the benefits of this project.
  9. Encouragement for self-employment – Another aspect of this scheme is paving the path for more self-employment ventures, within the state.
  10. More job opportunities – As the number of sheep farms increase, it will also pave the path for numerous employment opportunities for people, living in the rural and urban localities.

Eligibility to apply for the benefits

  1. Resident of Maharashtra – The scheme is only open for those applicants who have been residing in Maharashtra legally and permanently.
  2. Registered sheep farmer – The sheep farmer must be registered with the Animal Husbandry Department.
  3. Must have a viable business plan – Individuals, who have not yet started the sheep business, will not attain any financial subsidies, until they offer a profitable business plan to the Animal Husbandry Department.
  4. Farm land – The sheep farmer can start the business on his own land. In case he has rented the land from another person, then he too will be able to attain the benefits of the scheme.
  5. No caste bar – The scheme will include the people of all religions and castes. There is no financial background related limitation as well.

Documents necessary for application

  1. Residential documents – As the scheme will allow the participation of Maharashtra residents only, every applicant needs to furnish their legal residential documents, issued by the state government.
  2. ID proof – The state government will check the personal details of the applicants. It will be possible only if the applicants can furnish photocopies of their voter and Aadhar documents.
  3. Animal Husbandry registration certificate – It is mandatory for the sheep farming enthusiast to submit a copy of the certificate that has been issued in his/her name by the state Animal Husbandry Department.
  4. Farm registration documents – If the sheep farmer has his own farm land, then land registration documents, issued in the name of the applicant, must be offered for official checks.
  5. Land lease documents – In case the applicant’s sheep farm is constructed on a land that he/she has rented from a landlord, a rent agreement must be present. It is imperative that the applicant submits a photocopy of this land rental agreement.
  6. Disability certificate – If the sheep farmer suffers from any physical disability, then he/she must get a disability certificate issued from any government hospital. This certificate must be submitted to the respective authority.

How to Apply for the Mahamesh Yojana Maharashtra?

  1. Online application

    The state government has launched a separate website to help the interested applicants with the online application process. One can click on the Mahamesh Yojana Maharashtra Portal to get to the homepage.

  2. Scheme selection

    On the homepage, the candidate will see the name of the scheme and a link. He/she must click on this link.

  3. Log in

    Already registered candidates must click on the option at the top of the page that says “Log in.” It will open two separate fields. In one, the candidate needs to enter the user ID, while other field requires the password for activation.

  4. Activation of login details

    Once this is complete, the applicant need to click on the button that is marked as “Submit.”

  5. Registration for new candidates

    In case the applicant has not registered, then he/she must register. For this, the applicant must type in the Aadhar number and the contact details. He/she must also highlight the ID and a preferred password that needs to be registered.

  6. Online application form fill-up

    After the candidate gets access to the main scheme page, he/she needs to click on the application link and activate the digitized form. He/she must type in correct details, and then save the online document by clicking on the “Submit” button.

  7. Registration number

    If the application form has been submitted successfully, then the site will generate a registration code against the application. The farmers must note this code as it will help him/her to go online and acquire information about the status of the enrollment.

The climatic factors in Maharashtra will favor sheep farming. Till date, not many were interested to get into this agro-business as it was capital intensive. Now that the state government has stepped in with financial assistance, more sheep faring enthusiasts are applying for the scheme benefits. It will not only diversify the agro-sector, but will also pave the path for additional income of the sheep farmers. It will increase the overall GDP of the state as well.

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