Maharashtra Nav Tejaswini Yojana 2020

Maharashtra Nav Tejaswini Yojana 2020 – Rural Women’s Empowerment Scheme (Eligibility, Application form process)

The Maharashtra NavTejaswiniYoj scheme has been started by the Maharashtra cabinet. In this, the Ministry of Women and Child Development’s will help the self-help groups achieve the scheme’s successful implementation. This will aim for the betterment of rural women and offer them the scope of employment to find ways of better living. The local governance is trying to boost the economic condition of rural women. Let us take you through some relevant details of the entitled scheme in the following part.

Maharashtra Nav Tejaswini Yojana

Maharashtra NavTejaswini Yojana launch details

NameMaharashtra NavTejaswini Yojana
Target groupRural women
Launched inMaharashtra
Amount sanctionedRupees 523 crores will be given to self-help groups
Date of launch8th October, 2020
Main purposeCreating employment facilities for rural women

Key features of the Maharashtra NavTejaswini Yojana –

  1. Main idea for scheme launch – The main objective of the scheme launch is to empower women and give rural women employment opportunities in the state.
  2. Beneficiaries under the scheme –The poor rural women and extend financial assistance to self-help groups to help women of poor families.
  3. Help for rural women – A total of 10 lakh rural families will be benefitted from the scheme and help boost the concept of women entrepreneurship in state.
  4. Amount sanction for scheme implementation – A total of rupees 523 crores have been sanctioned for MahilaBachat Gat. In addition, International Funds for Agriculture Development will give rupees 333 crores and rupees 190 crores from state government for successful implementation of the scheme.
  5. Scheme implementation – The scheme will be implemented under MahilaArthik Vikas Mahamandal to help the self-help groups. Also, it will facilitate loans at a low-interest rate for women of rural areas. The loan will be sanctioned in the name of the SHGs and not women in particular.

Even if women have correct training to start a business, they are unable to get loan approval from banks. In this regard, this scheme will help the SHGs t offer personal loans at lower interest.

How is IFAD contributing for the improvement of SHG?

The main purpose of the contribution of IFAD for the SHGs is to boost its quality and take it to the next level. It will be done by founding cooperatives; companies that can help bring in revenue for the self-help groups. Emphasizing on improved productivity, the Vikel to Pikel scheme will procure products from SHGs. In addition, the IFAD will give standard skills and suitable guidance to the groups helping them improve.   

Eligibility Criteria –

  • Residential details – As the scheme has been started in Maharashtra, only the rural women who are natives of the state are eligible for the scheme benefits
  • Income of family – The women need to furnish income details to justify their eligibility and they do not own property
  • Part of self-help groups –If only women are part of self-help groups are eligible to enjoy the scheme perks. They will not be offered any scheme benefit or loan facility as an individual

List of documents to be produced

  • Residential details – The women should have suitable domicile documents justifying that they are the natives of the state
  • Income certificate – The women candidates should produce income certificate of family in justification of their eligibility for scheme
  • Entrepreneurship details – If the women have entrepreneurship training or knowledge, they should produce suitable document.
  • Identification –The women should provide Aadhaar card, ration card, and voter ID card as identification for scheme registration and enjoy the perks through the help of the SGHs. 

Online process to register for scheme

As this is a newly launched scheme, the details of online registration are yet to be declared. The self-help groups should stay updated through the official portal to get suitable information. The self-help groups shall help rural women enjoy the scheme perks and help set up business and come out of poverty problems. With the scope of earning, women can also provide the required nourishment to their children. 

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