Mo college campaign Odisha 2020

Mo college campaign Abhiyan Odisha 2020 [Guidelines, Eligibility, Form] 

The Mo college campaign has been planned by the Odisha government. This will be launched with the motive of developing the colleges throughout the state. CM Naveen Patnaik has announced this initiative on behalf of the state government according to which the best performing colleges will be given rupees 1 lakh. Also, this move will help the college alumni to get in touch with the college again. Below are mentioned some relevant details relating to the entitled campaign in Odisha.

Mo college campaign Odisha

Name of campaign


Mo college campaign
Target group of campaign 


College alumni
Main objective of the campaign


To connect college alumni memories with the college
Campaign  launched in


Campaign  announced by


Odisha CM Naveen Patnaik

 Key features of the Abhiyan

  • Main objective of the scheme –The main aim of the launching the campaign is to connect college alumni with old memories of college. Apart from this, it also aims at giving cash to the best performing college in each block.
  • Target group of the campaign – In respect to the aim of the campaign, the college alumni are the target people. Also, the campaign has to find out the best performing college in the state.
  • Budget for the campaign – A decent budget plan is yet to be launched by the state government that would help in the successful implementation of the same.

However, it can be expected that the above-said program would be launched similarly to that Mo school campaign. So, to make it a successful one, all participants should make an effort for its development.

Eligibility criteria of Mo college campaign

  • College performance –Record of college performance may be checked before selecting the college as the best one. In this regard, the result history of the college would also be reviewed to determine whether it is the best among the rest or not.
  • Number of students –The number of students taking admission and passing would of the college is vital to consider at the time of choosing the college based on its performance. This will help to know the success rate of the company.
  • Number of teachers –The number of teaching staff is important to be considered as it would help to understand the quality of education of the college.

Other changes in states education level

  • The state government is planning to open six new degree colleges in different districts that would give ways for better higher education. As of now, there are eight model colleges, and 52 government colleges are present in Odisha.
  • The state government has also taken the initiative to appoint teachers in colleges for improving the teaching level. As students are more interested in studying in private colleges, there is a lack of teachers and infrastructure in most of the government colleges. So, the state government is aiming to improve the condition of the overall education system of the state.
  • Further, it has been decided by the state government that more importance will be given on history. Stories of great heroes like RanaPratap Singh will be highlighting in syllabus compared to people like Akbar and Babar.

So, by launching the above-said campaign, it would help the state government to change the educational system in the state. Also, with the help of the college alumni, it would help the best performing colleges to get financial help as provided by the government.

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