Sharing and Caring Scheme in Punjab

Sharing and Caring Scheme in Punjab

The sharing and caring scheme is for the betterment of the society as a whole. It has been initiated by the Government of Punjab. This scheme is aimed at keeping the citizens united and be there for each others, is it in times of trouble or happiness.

Sharing and Caring Scheme in Punjab

The main person behind this move is MR. VP Badnore. He is the Governor and Administrator of Punjab. He is also the President of Red Cross Society.  While addressing all at the inaugural ceremony, he stated that the values need to be imbibed amongst the younger generation. If such values are inculcated on time, future will be brighter and better.

First Aid Training Must At Schools

Entire team associated with the project, have stressed on the point that first aid training should be must at schools. The main aim is to give the sufferer immediate help before they are rushed to close by hospital. These things and efforts will be helpful for current times but will really be nice in the times ahead.

Though this entire project is associated with Indian Red Cross Society, but, Honorable Governor has supported this whole heartedly. Skilled human resource is good for all, be it any nation or state.

Some Important Highlights

Mr. Badnore has indeed taken the right move. Some points he mentioned are listed below:-

  • He believes that number of skilled human resource, in terms of First Aid, is less in the state of Punjab and Chandigarh and should increase.
  • He has made liaison with IRCS for the move, hoping to create better and responsible citizens at least amongst people under his jurisdiction.
  • A mobile app has been launched to support such moves. This app is expected to bridge the gap between volunteers and infrastructures.
  • Rural areas are the primary target as of now
  • Efforts are not just limited to First Aid Training, but for disaster management as well.
  • Be it the First Aid or disaster management, Government of Punjab and Chandigarh is taking full responsibility of the program.
  • Though it has not been long since the scheme was declared, yet some positive changes have been registered. Future seems bright.

Efforts at Punjab and Chandigarh

Many efforts have been put in towards many health care sectors. HIV AIDS, TB and rehabilitation centers for addicts are to name a few. Secretary of Indian Red Cross Society – Mr. CS Talwar is responsibly involved in these tasks.

Though government dispensaries and hospitals are around, but there are times when you need help in emergency. Many people living below poverty line need to be guided and told about first aid and disaster management. We all know prevention is better than cure. This is the main motive behind this endeavor.

Indian Red Cross Society

This is a society to protect health and humans in India. It is part of the international organization- Red Cross and Red Crescent.

Main aim of the mission is to provide relief to the sufferers. It works towards development of communities. Currently there are 700 branches that are operating in India. The common emblem used is of ‘red cross’. Ever since its inception, volunteers are the main source through which this society thrives. People have been volunteering since 1920.

Disaster Management and Indian Red Cross Society

In the past, India as a whole has witnessed several natural disasters. While going through turmoil it was observed that people wanted to help each other but could not. This was disheartening. This is what triggered the IRCS to take a step ahead. The Governor of Punjab, Mr. Badnore has been a real support for this initiative.

Annually many die because the people around either do not have access to the services or lack training. Especially in the genre of education and health, this has been a handicap. For instance we may take Ebola. This is a virus that infects the body of Bat eaters. This is common in South Africa as people there consume bats. Many did not know about the problems and threats to health bats pose. Many were not even aware about the fact that the virus is still alive after hours of a sufferer’s death. Lack of education did increase the spread.

Blood banks, Programs for HIV Aids, services for disabled servicemen, providing vocational trainings, training people for maternity benefits, children welfare, fire relief operations and many more such are considered extremely important by the society. Since they are themselves cautious, that is why they are putting in sincere efforts to treat the problem at root.


As mentioned above, the main base at which it operates is – Volunteers. The feeling of helping others has to come from within. NO one can push you. The move taken by the Government of Punjab is indeed commendable. Somewhere it has to start.

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