Waste Management Plants under e-Nam Yojana

Waste Management Plants under e-Nam Yojana

AS our Agricultural Mandis are full of dust and it affect health of our farmers and working in these Agricultural Mandis. Our Prime Minister Modi start Swachhta Action Plan, under which he plan to make India free from pollutions and make all natural resources like rivers and lands free from dust. In the same pattern Union Agriculture & Farmers Welfare Minister, Shri Radha Mohan Singh announced a new plan for Agricultural Mandis, Fish Markets & villages near each KrishiVigyanKendras(KVKs). This scheme is basically for Mandi so that they will remain clean and govt is trying their best to achieve this. That why govt give Rs 10 lakh for the cleanness of Mandis..

S.No Things that needs to be know Detailed Information
1 Scheme Name eNam Scheme
2 Project Waste Management Plants
3 NAM National Agriculture Market
4 Number of Agricultural Mandis Picked for this project 271
5 Amount Allotted for setting Waste Management Plant in each Mandis Rs. 10 Lakhs

Swachhta Pakhwada was first time keep in seen in 2016 when govt realize that Indian Mandi need cleanness as there are too much waste material in these mandis. And this material is not only harm the farmer health but also not good for environment. Swachhta activities is first implement in 3040 mandis all over the India and farmer and youth are also planned to invove in this. If this plan is implemented properly then the Agricultural Mandis, Fish Markets & villages will effect very much and chances of growth increase. Activities like hygiene drive, fitting of sensors in toilets, fitting of motorized grinders, removal of surplus material and encroachments were carried out after every 15 days.

Agricultural Mandis

As Agricultural is base of our country. And farmer basically depends on its. So like other area Agricultural Mandis also need clean and proper maintenance.  Because of such thinking govt approved Rs.10 lakh for each mandi for setting up waste management plants under e-Nam scheme. This action is carried out for 271 Agricultural Mandis. These activities will be done in 3040 villages with the active contribution of farmers and village youth.

Actions which are done in Agricultural Mandis to keep them Clean:

  • Govt plan to utilize the waste of Agricultural Mandis so that Mandis get free from waste material and farmer can get some extra cash because of this waste.
  • Farmers and youth will also get chance to give their contribution in it by conducting a broad range of activities which included training of cleaning of campuses, residential areas, villages and localities
  • Advance technologies will be use to make this project successful and to utlize the dust latest tools and machine will be provide to mandis so that farmer can make some extra money..
  • This work of planting new Water Management plant in selective agricultural mandis across the nation and itwill be done under the electronic-National Agriculture Market.
  • This action will be executed in 10 states in starting and after counting its successiveness water management plant will be carried all over the India
  • All these actions are done at different places across the country during the pakhwadainstallation of sensors in toilets,installation of motorized grinders and removal of surplus records and encroachments were carried out throughout the fortnight

Fish Markets cleaningprogramme

Under this scheme Cleaning of 50 wholesale & retail Fish markets in 15 states was done and also consciousnessregarding maintenance of cleanliness was spread during this drive.

Following are action which are carried out in fish market under this new plan

  • Thiscleaning program is to create awareness among the public about cleaning of fish market so that market get rid of waste and smell. And to Conducting of State level Workshops.
  • Different Awareness camps will be put under this planto make aware farmer about Fish handling, maintaining cleanliness in fish markets, and cleanliness in processing etc.
  • Cleaning of 50 wholesale & retail Fish markets in different 15 states was done and also consciousness regarding maintenance of cleanliness was spread during this drive.


AS India is a place where we worship our rivers but at presents rivers are full of dust and they are losing their existence because of dust. Our current prime minister main agenda is to keep India clean and he take the same theme in election. To complete his plan he launches many scheme under which different industry are trying to make clean and clear. Agriculture Rivers get dirty and also water in these rivers get poisoned for both human and animal. So keep them clean it is very important that organic farming should be promoted in which no use of pesticides, fertilizers and other chemicals. Also try to avoid farming on the bank of river to keep them clean.

Actions which are carry out in Rivers:

Keeps Rivers cleans, to make them free from human dust, to keep industry waste away from riversand to keepunburned human dead bodies as well as animal carcasses away from rivers

As this plan is under the govtSwachh Bharat Abhiyan so govt is giving more attention to this plan. At present this is limited to some state and limited areas but soon it will be extended all over the India. These SwachhtaPakhwada activities are good approach by the govt to make India clean and clear.

Areas in which prominent cleaning activities were held ·         Bilaspur and Durg in Chhattisgarh,

·         Guwahati, Silchar, Cachar in Assam,

·         Bishnupur in Manipur,

·         Nellore in Andhra Pradesh

·         Cuddalore and Nagercoil in Tamil Nadu

·         Kolkatta Bangalore,

·         Lucknow in UP

·         Ranchi and Kochi

Swachhta Pakhwada activities includes cleaning of campuses, housing areas, villages and localities in their neighborhood in addition to conducting Seminars, consciousness camps, rallies, street plays and expert talks.

It is sure that if this action will be properly managed and farmer support the govt then they surely get rid of lot of problems which they face because of Waste in Mandhi. As our Agricultural Mandis are full of waste which is just source of pollution and health problem. But if farmer take proper care of things and take some training how to manage all this waste then it can be utilize for lot of useful process like from biochemical waste , one can produce bio chemical fuel.

Govt is trying in the same direction and to implement this farmer will give some training so that they themselves know how to manage the things and get some earning from this waste. Also to complete this process state govt are help the center govt and State Fisheries Minister from West Bengal, Mayors and Councilors from Kerala and Tamil Nadu, higher-ranking officials from the State Fisheries Department, District Collectors and many other experts. Actively participated in the SwachhtaPakhwada activities. These experts are ready to give proper training to farmers and local citizen so that they can keep the environment free of waste.

Benefits of eNam Scheme

Some of the notable benefits ofeNam Scheme ·         Agricultural Mandis get free from waste

·         Waste will be utilize for many useful activities

·         Cleaning of wholesale & retail Fish markets will be done

·         Farmer will get aware about waste management process

·         Rivers will get free from dust and waste material

 From above article it is clear that e-Nam Scheme is very options for famers and fisher to make their work place clean and clear and thus the environment.


Experts across the nation, suggest that implementing the Waste Management Plant in agricultural Mandis would helps to keep environment clean.

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