Beti Bachao Beti Padhao

A girl child to be equal in the Indian society

In India the sex ratio has been a huge concern since ever. This is mainly because people prefer more of male child and so this preference makes them not want a girl child. This has given birth to the female infant feticide. Many people have been working towards eradicating this problem and creating awareness so that people treat a male and a female child in a similar way. Many campaigns and schemes have been initiated in order to tell people that female children are equally precious. In many cases in India it is also seen that a girl child is not educated and is made to learn and do only household work before they are married off at a young age. For this again there are been many initiatives for promoting girl child education and to letting this peruse a career.

Beti Bachao Beti Padhao

“Beti Bachao Beti Padhao”

Prime Minister has launched a campaign in order to save the girl child and to promote equality in male and female child.  The program was launched on 22nd January, 2015 in Panipat, Haryana.

The main reason behind the launch of this campaign is that the census of the ear 2011 showed that the Child Sex Ratio has being constantly declining. It says that for every 1000 boys in the age of 0-6, there are only 918 girls of that age. This was and alarming point as it shows that people are only wanting male child and the level of discrimination has been increasing.

The campaign will start from 100 selected districts where the Child Sex Ratio is the worst. It basically has minimum of one district in each state. The campaign will be managed and taken care of by the Health & Family Welfare, Human Resource Development, Ministries of Women and Child Development. The three bodies will work together in promoting the objective of the campaign.

The main features and of the campaign are-

  • The scheme would initially focus on the fact the people should celebrate the fact that they have a girl child or that a girl child is born to them. Apart from this there should be no gender biasness, one it should be ensured that no girl infant is killed or aborted. The girl child should be nurtured and protected.
  • The next motive is to make sure that a girl child is not involved in household work and then be married off. The girl child should be educated and should be encouraged to peruse her desired career.
  • Apart from the above two objectives of the campaign the campaign also would towards medical aid and heal issues of women and girls, safety cells for women, work with crisis management centers and ensure safety for women and girls in public transports.
  • The campaign will use social media to a great extent to reach different kind and age group of people. From Facebook to Twitter, to Instagram, etc. The campaign wants all the citizens of India to be aware of the fact that a girl should be saved and also educated and given equal respect.
  • Under this campaign there are also few other campaigns that have been launched and promoted in order to create more awareness.

The below mentioned table describes the Initiatives taken under the Campaign

Factors Selfie with Daughter SukanyaSamriddhi account




The campaign

The Prime Minister took a selfie with his daughter and posted it on Facebook on 19th June 2015. Under this campaign Modi asked every parent of a girl child to click a picture with their daughter and post it on Facebook and Instagram with the hashtag #SelfieWithDaughter As a part of the Beti bachao Beti Padhao campaign, Modi also initiated the SukanyaSamrddhi Account. It was a backup saving plan for the parents of a girl child where the parents will be encouraged to not just save their girl but also accumulate an amount for her future study and marriage.


To promote the fact that having a girl child is a factor of proudness This account was launched mainly to support the fact that the girl child is educated with the money in this account and can also use it for her marriage.


It became very famous and saw many people across India posting picture with their daughter or daughters. The scheme is an ongoing scheme. And more and more parents are opening an account for their daughter and her bright and secured future.

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