What is BHIM (Aadhar Card Payment System)

What is BHIM (Aadhar Card Payment System)

The newest Aadhar-based payment system has come about as the deadline for submitting 500 and 1000-rupee notes have some about. The new BHIM system has been released to the public. The Bharat Interface for Money has become available as a new method for taking care of cashless payments. This works with UPI payments that will help with getting money to different parties without the use of cash. It especially makes it easier for you to get payments handled rather quickly without struggling in any way to get payments managed right.

What is BHIM (Aadhar Card Payment System)

BHIM is essentially a rebranded version of the UPI or Unified Payments Interface. This has been used by more than twenty banks as of August 2016. It is currently available from the Googly Play store as it is only available for Android devices at this moment. A version for iOS users will be made available in the future. This also supports English and Hindi languages with additional languages being available in the future.

What Makes BHIM Different?

BHIM is designed to be a payment interface that is easier to follow than UPI. This can work well with any kind of gadget as it comes with a setup that is easier for people to use and is not overly complicated.

The app used here is streamlined to a minimal size. It can link up to any online network rather quickly as well. At just 2MB in size, it should not be tough for BHIM to load up and transfer information.

The program even offers QR code support. It can scan QR codes to make it easier for payments to be taken care of the right way. This does well for compatible payment needs.

How It Works

The program works in a simple manner. You can download the app and then send the OTP to your mobile number to verify it. You can then make transactions through your bank with the app.

You can also link many accounts with multiple banks onto the program. You can choose a bank from a list on the app and then enter in the necessary code to access any account that you have entered into the app. You can always change the bank that you want to do business with at any time while using the app by clicking on the top right part of the screen.

You can then choose to transfer up to Rs. 20,000 through the portal. You can only send up to Rs. 10,000 to a single transaction at a given time though.

The new interface is being designed as a means of helping with getting cashless payments taken care of. Considering how 500 and 1000-rupee notes are no longer being exchanged at this point, it will be especially important to take a look at this solution for handling payments. This comes as there will be a strong need to find a smart and fast way to get payments handled. The BHIM interface will be very easy for you to handle and work with for all your payment needs.

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