Mukhyamantri Vidyarthi Protsahan Yojana Bihar

Mukhyamantri Vidyarthi Protsahan Yojana Bihar

The Bihar government released the Mukhyamantri Vidyarthi Protsahan Yojana scheme in 2007 as a minority welfare scheme. This was designed to help the poor in the country with getting the most out of their lives and to help them with finding work. It is also to assist people in completing their educations so they may be more likely to have better chances with finding jobs of all sorts.

Mukhyamantri Vidyarthi Protsahan Yojana Bihar


This is available to students who pass the 10th class within the 1st division. This will be available to Muslim boys and girls alike. The aim is to have an equal distribution of benefits between boys and girls who may be eligible for the scheme.

Aim Of Mukhyamantri Vidyarthi Protsahan Yojana

The key part of the scheme is to encourage the educational development of students around Bihar. This is especially for those who are poor. Those who show the most promise for their educational needs will receive support under the scheme. It encourage people to complete their studies and to have an easier time with making the most out of whatever they want to do.

The program works in that each Muslim student who scores in the first division in the matric or class 10th exam will receive financial support from the Bihar government. Rs. 10,000 is provided by the government to those who complete this exam and get into such a score on it.

There are no particular limits as to the number of students who can qualify for the benefits from this particular program. The potentials that a student has for success is especially important as any student in any part of Bihar can qualify for the program. The key is for a student to complete one’s studies and to have a better process for getting the most out of their studies in general.

How to Apply

Parents for students who qualify for the scheme can visit their local school board offices for details on how to apply. Most local governmental offices will also offer proper forms. The appropriate school documents and certification reports on passing the 10th class within the 1st division must especially be included in the application process.

Key Goals

There are many important goals involved with this particular scheme:

  • The scheme is designed to help people who are looking to complete their education. By offering money to those who complete their proper tests, it will be easier for them to feel motivated to complete their tests.
  • This is also designed for all Muslim students in the country. It is especially useful for those who women and others who might not have many other options without a proper education.
  • This is also for people who are looking to go further in their educations. This is especially the case for people who are interested in expanding upon their studies in many forms.

A Successful Program

The Mukhyamantri Vidyarthi Protsahan Yojana plan has been moving forward and has made it easier for people to complete their studies as necessary. In the last five years that the program has gone along, there has been a 1300% increase in the number of Muslim students who have passed the matric exam in the first division. About 35,000 students complete this in a particular year and qualify for the scheme. It is a dramatic increase over the 2,500 students that had been completing it every year.

The program does especially well for encouraging students to get the most out of their work. By using the program, students are helped with getting their studies managed and with attaining key results. This in turn improves upon a student’s potential for success in many forms.

Available In All Regions

The scheme is available to students who are currently in various regions around Bihar. It works for 38 different areas in the state. This helps people with getting the most out of their educations without being too hard to follow.

Students can also check and see if they qualify for the scheme. This includes looking to see if they have gotten the support that they require. They can visit the Minority Welfare website for the Bihar government to see what they can use. This should be checked well to see that it is easy for them to get the special support that they are aiming to attain.

The Mukhyamantri Vidyarthi Protsahan Yojana is being offered in Bihar to help students achieve their goals. This is especially important for those who are in poverty and are aiming to find ways to attain employment and an education.

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