Government Rent Voucher Scheme (Kiraya) Yojana

Apply for Government Rent Voucher Scheme (Kiraya) in 100 Smart Cities Registration

The Indian Govt. is going to start a new housing scheme under which it will provide housing rent vouchers to the beneficiaries of the scheme. This scheme has come as an added initiative by the Narendra Modi Govt. which has promised to provide housing to all citizens of the nation, mainly the poor and backward. This scheme is one of its kinds and the govt. never introduced such voucher plan for housing of its citizens in the country. This scheme is a support for the Digital India vision of Pm Modi and will be implemented within 100 selected cities of the nation. These cities where the rental vouchers would be provided will be termed as smart cities.

Government Rent Voucher Scheme (Kiraya)

Target beneficiaries of the scheme

The housing rental scheme by the central govt. will be targeted for the urban poor population of the country. This means those families which live in the major cities but are financially backward or the BPL families will get the scheme benefits. They will receive the monthly rental vouchers from the govt. which will help them in paying their house rents. The rental voucher scheme will also help the migrants who shift from rural pockets to cities, or one state to another in search of better employment opportunities. The central govt. will select a list of smart cities for the project implementation. This will be done after calculation the total number of migrants or poor families living in rented homes in the city.

Budget allocation and scheme implementation

The Indian Govt. has already targeted the year 2021 as the year till which all the housing development works should be achieved and each poor gamily should have proper roof over their head. The Awas Yojana is a similar housing scheme oriented for poor families to provide them housing facility. This rental voucher scheme will be implemented soon in this financial year of 2017 – 2018 across the selected 100 smart cities. A budge allocation of Rs. 2,700 crore is already being done for this project. As per sources, the project implementation will need Rs. 2,713 crore rupees per annum. As per the census of 2011, more than 27 % of the urban population lives in rental flats/houses.

How the rental voucher project will work?

Below are the steps which will be involved in the scheme which is meant for proving house rents to the poor and backward families by the central govt., in form of vouchers:

  1. The registration of the BPL families who will be eligible for the scheme will be done by the government agency responsible in each smart city. Mostly, the urban municipalities will be handed over this task of registration of beneficiaries.
  2. After successful registration, the family will receive the rental voucher every month from the concerned local body. The distribution plan of the rental vouchers will soon be chalked by the governing authorities.
  3. The tenant will not have to pay the rent in form of money to the landlord. Instead, the tenant will hand over the rental voucher to the landlord.
  4. The landlord or the house owner will visit the service bureau meant for citizens to redeem this rental voucher and get the payment either by cash or through direct bank transfer.
  5. In case, the rent of a flat or land is higher than the voucher provided by the government, then the balance amount should be paid in cash to the house owner.
  6. The Govt. is also looking forward to start direct transfer of these rental vouchers and is examining the merits and demerits.

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