(Swayam.gov.in) SWAYAM Free Online Course Registration and Login 2019

(Swayam.gov.in) SWAYAM Free Online Course Registration and Login

The central government of India has come up with another facility for the people who are away from basic education. SWAYAM is an initiative that the central government has taken to give education to the students. Under this initiative students as well as teachers will get basic education in remote areas across the nation. This will be a digital way of teaching process for the students who don’t go to school or still untouched by means of education. SWAYAM stands for Study Webs of Active learning for Young Aspiring Minds.

Launch Details

The initiative was launched during the month of July in the year 2017. President of India Shree Pranab Mukherjee has announced and launched the initiative. According to the guidelines of the scheme Ministry of Human Resource Development in India will be responsible for supervising the initiative across the nation. The registration process for the students as well as teacher has already been started through the portal and app.

Key Features

  • SWAYAM is nothing but an online portal with 32 DTH channels. These channels will run educational programs round the clock for the students. This portal is based on MOOC or Massive Open Online Courses system.
  • All these channels will cover many and almost all the educational topic to discuss for the students from diverse classes. From 9th standard to 12th standard students will be able to learn from these courses.
  • Over 500 online courses will be available in these 32 channels. All these courses will be divided in categories. Different categories will be for students and teachers.
  • Each topic will be telecasted for 4 long hours covering all the parts of the topic. These programs will be repeated 5 times per day. This will help the students or learners to select proper time as per their requirement.
  • The study material and the contents available in the courses have taken from the syllabus from NCERT, IGNOU, UGC, IITs, NIOS, CEC and NPTEL. All the 32 channels are uplinked from the agency BISAG in Gandhinagar.
  • SWAYAM is basically initiated for the people who are unable to attend the classes or school physically for any reason. Under this scheme extreme remote areas will be covered.
  • It will be a complete digital classroom with free online study materials and contents. Whatever difficulties students have to face in remotest areas to get textbooks and help from teachers, with SWAYAM it will all go away.
  • The ministry has stated that the study material will contain courses from school, college and university levels. Also there will be some special courses as well. If needed foreign faculties can join the team as well for some special courses under this initiative.
  • These study materials will be available in multi languages. So that pupils from across the nation, especially from the remote rural areas can understand the contents. Also they are designed in such a way that teachers can acquire their knowledge by reading them as well.

Course List

SWAYAM offers more than 500 courses under the portal. All these courses are divided in 5 main groups or categories. There are 46 courses under School Category, 15 courses in Certificate courses, 29 courses in Diploma category, 386 courses in Undergraduate category and finally 279 courses in Post graduate category.  Detailed course list is available in the following link https://swayam.gov.in/publiccourse.

Channel List

There are 32 channels available in the portal. Each channel has a number of courses. There are diverse sets that contain different courses. One can easily distinguish between the courses and can choose as per their requirement. The Channel list and details can be found in the link https://www.swayamprabha.gov.in/index.php/program/current/32.

How to Register

  • To register for the SWAYAM, one has to visit the SWAYAM Prabha Portal https://www.swayamprabha.gov.in/index.php/home. It is the home page of the official website. In the Home page find the button “Registration” in far right above of the screen.
  • To get the Registration Form applicants have to click on the ‘Register’ button mentioned in the page. There are few mandatory fields to be filled such as email ID, password, course category and a special text (Captcha) should be entered in the respective boxes.
  • After filling up the form and mandatory field applicants are required to select ‘Signup’ button to finish the registration process. A login ID and password will be generated for the applicant to proceed further for the courses and learning process.
  • For the students, they can click on the link https://swayam.gov.in/ and select Register to enrol in the portal. In the same way as mentioned above the students can enrol to the portal. One can also use their Facebook, Google or Microsoft accounts to sign up in the portal.


  • Firstly the applicant, be it a student or a teacher, must be a resident of India. No NRIs or people holding overseas citizenship will be eligible to get the benefit of the scheme.
  • This is a learning system for all. The study material they are provided consists of school level, college level and university level. Hence anyone above 9th standard will be eligible for the portal and the benefits they are providing.

Portal and App details

Along with the official portal, SWAYAM is available in mobile App as well. The SWAYAM App is available in Google Play Store that is in Android platform and Apple Store that is in iOS platform as of now. The App can be downloaded from either of the platforms to the Smartphone of the user.

User can get the study material under ‘My courses’ and also get new courses under ‘Discover’ button placed in the App. Users can attempt quizzes in the App and get the test result then and there via SWAYAM Mobile App.

SWAYAM Prabha Portal and App is a major step taken towards the digitization in India. Through this portal a large part of the nation will get the opportunity to learn things. Along with that areas which don’t have any access to network or internet will have better access to such things. As of now no fixed budget for this scheme has been announced.

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