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The central and the respective state governments have been operating employment exchanges or employment offices for many years now. From these office, people can get job related details, and can also apply to get the jobs. Earlier, the entire operation was conducted manually. If an individual wanted to register his/her name in the employment exchange, he/she had to go the nearest office and fill in some documents to apply successfully. But with the advent and development of digital platforms, the state governments have also upgraded the system. Now, you need not to the nearest employment exchange for registration. You can simply log in on the website, and fill in the digitized documents. Apart from getting job related information, applicants can acquire details of all unemployment schemes, which have been implemented by the central and the state governments for the benefit of the unemployed individuals.


Details about Employment News Portal E-version

Employment News E-version Online is a web-based magazine. It is operated and maintained by the Union Ministry of Information and Broadcasting. Earlier, this magazine was only available in a printed form. The central government began publishing the magazine back in 1976. Since then, it has been disseminating job-related details for the interested candidates. Recently, the central government launched Employment News Online Portal to publish the same details on the virtual platform.

Purpose of the online job magazine

Many people complain that they lose out on the opportunity to apply for a job as they do not have the necessary information. By logging on to this online job magazine, applicants will no longer need to worry about this issue. On the portal, individuals will acquire job-related details, which are available in the government sector as well as in the private sector. This magazine publishes article, created by the specialists to help those who are looking for jobs. These article offer detailed description of the job requirements, eligibility and application procedures. Launching the online version of the magazine makes information readily available to the youngsters. They can log in on the portal as and when they please, and get pertinent information.  Apart from article, applicants can get the dates of examinations, result list and other related details.

Subscription fee for members

The printed Employment News magazine was published at a regular interval. Interested applicants can to purchase all the published magazines to keep themselves updated. However, if they apply for the online magazine membership, then they can save up to 75% of the total cost. The annual subscription fee for the Employment News E-version magazine is only Rs. 400.

How to get an application form and register?

  1. The subscription process is rather simple. Any interested candidate can log in on the official Employment Exchange portal of the respective state.
  2. For beginners, it is mandatory to open an account. It can be done by clicking on the “Register” link.
  3. It will open an online form that must be filled in with all personal, academic and contact details of the candidate.
  4. Once the form fill-up is complete, the applicant must click on the “Submit” button. It will save the details in the database.
  5. The site will then generate a unique ID for the applicant. This ID will come in handy for later applications and other operations.
  6. Once the ID has been generated, applicant must pick a password, and then enter the captcha or verification code in the particular box.
  7. This concluded the online registration process. However, each state has its own site, and the registration process may include some additional steps.
  8. It is best to generate a print out so that you need not memorize the ID and the chosen password.

Documents necessary for verification

  1. ID proof documents
  2. Residential documents
  3. Academic documents and mark sheets
  4. Vocational training certificates
  5. Age certificate
  6. Caste certificate
  7. Disability certificate
  8. Ex-army service certificate
  9. Marital status certificate
  10. Aadhar and Voter cards
  11. Annual income certificate of the family
  12. Verification done by MLA or MP in the area

Issuance of the Employment Exchange Card

The applicant must gather the above-mentioned documents, and make clear photocopies of these. The copies, along with the original certificates must be taken to the Employment Exchange office. Here, the officers will scrutinize these documents and then issue the Employment Exchange card. This card will contain the ID, name, contact details and some other applicant’s details.

How to Renew Employment Card

The Employment Exchange card that has been issues will have a certain time-limited validity. In most cases, it is one year. Once the span is over, applicants must fill in a registration renewal form to keep the enrollment active. Once the applicant has submitted the renewal form, the Employment Exchange office will issue a new card.

Offline Registration Process

  1. Though the online process is becoming more and more popular, the offline application process is very much active.
  2. If any candidate is not comfortable with the online enrollment process, he/she need to go to the employment office, located in the district.
  3. Here, the applicant must collect a registration form. No money will be taken from the applicant for this enrollment form.
  4. He/she must fill in this document with correct details.
  5. After this, the copies of documents, listed above must be attached with the enrollment form.
  6. It is mandatory for the applicants to carry the original documents as well.
  7. After all checks are complete, the enrollment officer will generate the registration number and issue an Employment card.

Perks of registering with the employment exchange

  1. Both the online and offline employment exchange magazines give job seekers direct access to news related to the job-sector.
  2. The Employment Exchange is under the jurisdiction of the state government. So, applicants can be rest assured about the authenticity of the information.
  3. In case of any issues, you can get in touch with the grievance department at the exchange and they will sort the matter.
  4. The online portals make it convenient for the job seekers as they need not venture out of their homes for any vocational information.

Employment Exchange Online Portal

State name

State Employment Exchange Website

Uttar Pradesh

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Madhya Pradesh

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Arunachal Pradesh

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Himachal Pradesh

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West Bengal

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Tamil Nadu

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The establishment of the Employment Exchange was done to ensure that the eligible applicants get a better chance to bag a job. This institute plays an important part in bringing down the joblessness in the country. By providing livelihood to the millions, this institute is directly impacting the overall financial development of the country. It is expected that the central government will make revisions in the working process of the Employment Exchange so as to increase its potential.


How can I register in employment exchange?

You can register for an employment exchange card via offline and online procedures. In both cases, you need to fill in a registration or application form. The details in the application form will be processed to issue an employment exchange card.

What are the documents required to register in employment exchange?

You will require Aadhar card, voter card, address proof, school and college mark sheets, age proof, disability certificate, caste certificate, income certificate of the family, vocational training certificates and MLA/MP verification certificates.

Is it necessary to register in employment exchange?

No, you can register for the card through the official Employment Exchange portal of the respective state.

How do I transfer my employment exchange card?

If you are relocating, then you must write an application and submit it to your current employment exchange office. Both your present and future addresses must be highlighted in the application, along with the name of the employment exchange, where you will be relocating.

What do I do if my job registration is lapsed?

If your job registration has lapsed, then you can fill in the renewal form and activate it again. If you do not take prompt action, then you may have to create a new account through the employment exchange portal.

How do I renew my employment exchange?

In case your employment exchange card lapses, then you need to collect and fill in a Employment Exchange Card renewal form.

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