Bal Garib Samridhhi Yojana

Bal Garib Samridhhi Yojana to Help Mothers and Infants in Jharkhand

The chief minister of Jharkhand has announced a new scheme entitled the Bal Garib Samridhhi Yojana. It is designed for the support of mothers and their infants. This was announced with the support of the High Court of the state as well as and help from the Women and Child Development Department.

Bal Garib Samridhhi Yojana

The goal of the scheme is to build new homes to help children who need reform. Ranchi and Gumla will be the sites of new rehabilitation centers to help mothers and children. These will assist in improving upon their health and also with skill training and development support. The efforts are being offered as a means of promoting the welfare and needs of children and their parents. This may also work for older children who need rehabilitation help after being in trouble for any reason.

This is especially to keep child migration under control. Child migration has been a problem as many children are abandoned over time and are forced to live on the streets. With this scheme, it should be easier for needy parents and children to receive the help they require in order to live better and stronger lives.

What Is the Cost?

The scheme will cost about Rs. 23 crore to operate. The government will be responsible for covering the cost associated with running the scheme. It is expected to provide services to people who qualify for free although a proper registration process has to be utilized to ensure a parent or child can get into the system.

Details on how people can qualify for the scheme have yet to be released. The state government is hammering out details on this plan. This is especially to see that there is a sense of understanding how the scheme works and that people who qualify for it can actually get access to it.

Child Reform Is Critical

The local government also states that child reform is essential:

  • Many children have engaged in criminal activities because they are not receiving the help from the government that they need. This scheme will help in assisting children with leading better and stronger lives.
  • Orphan children are also problematic around the area. These include children who do not have any parents or proper homes. The scheme will help children with getting new homes with caring parents.
  • There is a need for children to develop essential skills. Much of this entails learning about reading and writing. Educational help will be provided through the scheme to give children more help with their studies.
  • The Juvenile Justice Act 2015 has been reviewed carefully in terms of how it is implemented. Findings suggest that children around India will require proper educational support while having enough parental guidance. This is to keep them from potentially becoming delinquent. The new scheme aims to target such points by offering rehabilitation centers.

Information on the application process for Bal Garib Samridhhi Yojana has yet to be announced. The government is hoping to get this scheme off of the ground as soon as possible. This especially comes amid the need to help children around the region and to provide them with the caring support that they need to have better lives.

Other Developments

The Jharkhand government also announced that added welfare schemes will be provided around the state very soon. Plans are being used to target rural villages and tribal lands. Information on what will be provided will be announced in the future. The plans are expected to help with improving upon how well different people around the state can restore their lives.

In addition, juvenile justice cases have been maintained and reports on by the government. A recent development relevant to the new scheme states that there were 115 cases of justice that were reviewed through video conferencing.17 of these cases were removed and are no longer on the docket..

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