Mukya Mantri Ladli Laxmi Yojana introduced in Jharkhand

Mukya Mantri Laadli Yojana introduced in Jharkhand

The nation is looking forward for the gender equality and the central government is keen on creating awareness about women rights and equal rights to the women. Similarly, there have been several schemes and plans are introduced by central and state government with the intention of boosting the female sex ratio. In order to do favor for the girl child from the every BPL families of the Jharkhand state, the state government recently introduced Mukya Mantri Laadli Yojana under which the girl child from the BPL family will be provided financial assistance.

Mukhyamantri Ladli Yojana introduced in Jharkhand

Mukya Mantri Laadli Yojana

With the intention of improving girl child birth among the BPL families of the state, the Jharkhand state government is offering financial help for the girl child under this scheme. Under this scheme, each and every girl child would get certain amount deposited under the particular girl child name in post office savings account every year. Once the girl child reaches the age of going to schools, the amount offered under this scheme gets increases and paid in different levels.

By providing such financial help, the state government of Jharkhand believes that it will boost the girl child ratio and also the literacy rate about the girls in the state will get improved. Also with the introduction of this scheme, the parents of the girl child from the BPL family need not to worry about their girl child as the state government offers all necessary finance help for their girl child.

Benefits of the Yojana

  • The girl child of the BPL families will gets deposit of 6k under the name of the girl child in post office savings account will be carried every year until the respective girl child gets 5 years old. The funds fully provided by the state government of Jharkhand.
  • Once the girl child opted for schoolings, she would receive the onetime financial help of Rs. 2k, 4k and 7.5km while she studying in her 6th, 9th and 11th standards.
  • When she makes into the higher secondary classes, the state government will offers two hundred as the monthly stipend to each girl in order to manage their own. So that they need not to be dependable on other when they are in teenage stage.
  • When the girl child reaches her 21st birthday the amount which got deposited in her name will be matured and the total amount will be over 1 Lakh.
  • However, the above mentioned benefits will be offered to the family who having two or below children. And the girl child should not be married below her age of 21.

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