Sukanya Samriddhi Account in HDFC Bank

Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana in HDFC Bank

Sukanya Samriddhi Scheme has become quite popular only within a span of less than six months.  A lot of guardians/parents who have a girl child in their family have already got their accounts opened and those who have not yet got the account opened are eagerly waiting to get one for their daughters.

Banking services are very specific to certain people.  For example, if my father loves the services of State Bank of India, he would open every possible account in SBI, come what may.  Likewise, if the younger generation of parents like private banks more than post offices and public sector banks, they would like to get a Sukanya Samriddhi Account for their daughters in private banks only.

Sukanya Samriddhi Account in HDFC Bank

Currently only post offices and Punjab National Bank (PNB) are offering account opening services for Sukanya Samriddhi Scheme with 27 other banks including SBI, HDFC and others wait to start the operation for the scheme.

If you are waiting to open a Sukanya Samriddhi Account in HDFC Bank only, you may still have to wait for some more time before HDFC starts it operation for the scheme.  At the same time, we would like to inform you that if you want to open SSA in private banks only due to your wish to get internet banking and other facilities, then you should know that no internet banking facility would be provided in Sukanya Samriddhi Scheme.

The account opening as well as the transaction in the account would all be a manual process until some additional notification comes from the central government pertaining to the transaction feasibility in the scheme.

If you are waiting for HDFC to start the operation of SSA, we would say that no one is certain when they would start the operation.  As a piece of advice, you should get the account opened in PNB or a post office and once the operation starts in HDFC, you can get the account transferred, as the account is absolutely transferrable from one bank to the other and from post office to a bank and vice versa.

Last but not the least, the sooner is the better.  If you get the SSA opened for your girl child, you can start depositing your savings into it and thus accumulate good money by end of the fiscal year.  On the other hand, if you wait until the end of this year or so till HDFC could start operations, you could lose on our saving month on month.

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