Rythu Bandhu Scheme (Pathakam) in Telangana 2019-20

Rythu Bandhu Scheme (Pathakam) in Telangana 2019-20 [Schedule, 2nd Phase, Website, Epaper, Online Application Claim form download, check status passbook, Beneficiary Farmer list, Helpline, Mobile App]

The situation of poor farmers in Telangana was very bad before. They did not have the financial capability to acquire necessary things to improve the agricultural yield. Additionally, if anything happened to the farmers, the family fell in financial distress. The two separate programs of the Rythu Bandhu address these issues. With the Farmer Assistance Program, the government offers money to ensure a better yield. The Rythu Bandhu Bima project ensure financial stability for the families of the insured farmers.

Rythu Bandhu in Telangana

Name of the scheme Rythu Bandhu Scheme
Launched in Telangana
Launched by K. Chandrashekar Rao
Originally announced on 2018
Implemented on August 2018
Implementation mode In two distinct phases
Target beneficiaries General agricultural workers
Supervised by Department Of Agriculture Cooperation & Farmers Welfare in Telangana
Official portal Website http://rythubandhu.telangana.gov.in
Helpline number (0) 98489 02520, 040-27620211

Key features of the Rythu Bandhu scheme

  1. Safeguards the prosperity of farmers – The scheme has been implemented with the aim of safeguarding the financial prosperity of the farmers. Apart from this, the financial stability of the farmer’s family can also be secured.
  2. Money for the farmers – The scheme draft highlights that all beneficiaries will attain Rs. 5000 for every acre of cultivable land. This money will be offered twice during the two main cropping seasons. Earlier, this amount was Rs. 4000.
  3. Crop support – Under the Financial Support for the Farmers project, beneficiaries will attain money to help them purchase high quality seeds, fertilizers, and other farm implement before the Rabi and Kharif crop respectively.
  4. Tenure of payment – The beneficiaries of the crop support program will receive money twice on a yearly basis.
  5. Farmland measurement – Agricultural workers, who have small or large farming plots, will be able to attain the financial support that has been promised by the state.
  6. Estimated number of beneficiaries – Recently, the Telangana government had published a report that highlighted that 58 lakh needy farmers are attaining the benefits of this scheme.
  7. Insurance for farmers – Under the farmer insurance scheme, the insured agricultural workers will attain life coverage of Rs. 5 lakhs. If the farmer is rendered partially or fully handicap due to any accident, he will attain the same amount. Insured farmers will not have to worry about the payment of insurance premium, as the state government will pay for it.
  8. Total land area under agro-support scheme – The Telangana government has already started the implementation of farmer assistance for better crop yield. Till date, the total land area that has been brought under the scheme, measures to 1.42 crore acres.
  9. DBT mode – Manual money transfer can pave the path for corruption. The state government suggests that all financial transfers will be made by Direct Benefit Transfer system. Beneficiaries must have savings bank accounts, and the financial assistance will be transferred to the respective accounts.

Eligibility for the Rythu Bandhu scheme

  1. Resident of Telangana– If the farmers are not legal residents of Telangana, then they will not attain the monetary assistance.
  2. Fulltime farmers – Registered and fulltime farmers will be able to enroll for the farmer support and insurance projects.
  3. BPL applicants – All those farmers, who fall under the poverty level, will gain both farm assistance money and insurance coverage.
  4. Bank account – It is pertinent that all the applicants have a savings bank account.

List of necessary documents

  1. Residential documents – All applicants must have their Aadhar cards, voter cards and ration cards, which support their claims that they are legal residents of Telangana.
  2. Agricultural plot measurement and ownership papers – The assistance money that the farmers will get will depend on the measure of the agricultural plot. Thus, official land measurement papers and land ownership registration documents must be submitted for scrutiny.
  3. Caste certificates – If the applicant belongs to a certain reserved caste, then adequate proof must be submitted. Like the ST, SC, OBC and minority community certificates.
  4. BPL certificate – As the scheme will only allow people from financially weak households, candidates must furnish the photocopy of the BPL certificate.
  5. Bank account details – The money for the assistance of the farmer and the insurance claim will be transferred in the savings bank account. The photocopy of the first page of the bank account passbooks is necessary.

How to get application form and register for Rythu Bandhu Scheme in Telangana?

  1. Telangana authority has already launched a separate portal for the Ruthu Bandhu schemes. Interested applicants must click on the link http://rythubandhu.telangana.gov.in/.
  2. Once the website opens, candidates will see two different tabs. One will give them access to the Farmer Support project and the other will give access to the Insurance project.
  3. Applicants need to click on the “Sign in” or “Log in” options, located at the top of the page.
  4. Once they successfully log in, applicants can start their application process.
  5. Applicants will see the online application link on the main page. They need to click on it to bring up the enrollment scheme.
  6. Once the digitized form opens, candidates can type in their details; attach scanned copies of necessary documents and save it by clicking on the “Submit” link.
  7. These enrollment documents will be checked by government officers. Once the background check is complete, the names of the selected candidates will be added in the beneficiary list.

Check Rythu Bandhu beneficiary list

  1. After the farmers have filled in and submitted the enrollment form, they will be able to check whether their names have been included in the beneficiary list.
  2. Candidates must click on the official portal link of this scheme.
  3. Once the home page opens, applicants will see a separate tab that says “Check Status.”
  4. Clicking on this link will open a separate box. Here, applicants have to type the registration number, and click on the “Search” button.
  5. It will trigger the site to check the scheme database. Accordingly, the applicants will see the current status of their application.

Check Rythu Bandhu amount transfer status

  1. The state frequently updates the beneficiary list to include names of more farmers.
  2. Once the name of the applicant appears on this list, he can apply for the crop assistance money and insurance policy respectively.
  3. Two separate forms must be filled and submitted for the respective projects.
  4. It is possible to check whether the state has transferred the crop assistance money in the farmers’ account or not.
  5. For this, every beneficiary will have to sign in with respective user ID and password.
  6. Then they have to click on the link that is marked as “Money Transfer Status”
  7. The site will highlight the current status on the screen.
  8. Once the money transfer is complete, the beneficiaries will get a notification suggesting the same via SMS.
  9. The link is temporarily not working due to some technical error. But it will come back on track very saoon.a

How to download the claim form for Rythu Bandhu in Telangana?

  1. Beneficiaries will be able to claim the money by filling up and submitting the claim form.
  2. To get the claim form, beneficiaries will have to click on the official website of the scheme. To get to the home page, people need to click on the link http://rythubandhu.telangana.gov.in/.
  3. Then they will have to click on the tab that is marked as “Rythu Bima Farmers Insurance”
  4. It will trigger the site to open a new page.
  5. On this page, claimants will have to click on the link that is marked as “Claim Form Download.”
  6. As soon as the claimant clicks on the link, the claim form will be downloaded.
  7. The claimant must print out the claim form and fill it up accordingly.
  8. Some documents must be attached with the claim firm and it must be submitted in the Gram Panchayat or Block Development Office.
  9. The state government officers will inspect the claim form and attached documents.
  10. If the claim is authentic, then the insurance money will be transferred in the bank account of the claimant.

Rythu Bandhu passbook download

Earlier, registered beneficiaries had to collect their scheme passbooks from the Gram Panchayat office or the Block Development Office. But several farmers complained that they did not get their scheme benefit passbooks. The state government has decided to add a new link on the official scheme portal. Farmers will be able to log in on the site, sign in with their user ID and password, and then click on the respective link. As soon as the click on the link, they will be able to download the PDF file of the bank passbook details.

Download Rythu Bandhu Mobile App

  1. Apart from portal, Telangana government has also launched an Android app for the scheme. Applicants can download this app for free, from the Google PlayStore.
  2. One can also download the app by clicking on the link http://rythubandhu.telangana.gov.in/RDLCReports/MobileAPK/RythuBandhuV1.0.apk.
  3. After downloading the application, candidates need to activate it by registering their phone numbers.
  4. Once the app is ready, applicants can fill in and submit enrollment forms, gather information about application status, check beneficiary list and get new scheme-related updates.

The scheme has developed the agricultural scenario in the state. The progress is rather stark and the state government has the plan to extend it in the future. As the farmers are getting the money before the major cropping seasons, they no longer have to worry about getting agricultural loans from banks or other credit organization.

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