Ration card online Application issued by the Uttar Pradesh government

Ration card online Application issued by the Uttar Pradesh government

Ration card is one of important thing on our country. Using ration card poor people can lot of benefits. Uttar Pradesh government has started the process of creating new ration card for both below the poverty level and above the poverty level people. That the government is asking for application of APL and BPL both type of ration card. The ration card is given to the people on the basis of the weight that has been determined by the Gram Pradhan. Using these ration card people can get wheat, oil, rice etc and amount varies depends upon the type of ration card

S.No Things Need to Know about UPs Ration Card Latest List Detailed Information
1 Latest list of Ration card released for year 2016 – 2017
2 Who are can able to get new ration card BPL, Antoday and APL
3 Details which are visible in online Shopkeeper’s Name, Number of Ration card Holders as BPL, Antoday and APL etc
4 Blue color in ration card section of the online list represents List updated successfully
5 What about others who’s ration card details not seen as blue? Need to wait, as updating progress in process.

How to apply for ration card

Ration card is very important for poor people. They can apply for ration card online. Application form of ration card is available on the food and ministry site. One can fill it there and apply online. To apply for the ration card one need the scanned copy of their family photograph and one should know the complete detail like age and name of his family member.

After applying for card online one can also verify about his card online. It is easy process and one can do it easily.

Now you can easily see the official list district wise and town wise. All the necessary steps are given below –

  • First of All visit the web page of food and ministry site then All the Districts of Uttar Pradesh State will be shown, click on your District
  • Clicking on the District in which you live will open up one another page of site. In this web page you will see the list of the towns and villages in your district
  • Click on the Name of your living Town or village then Now another web page will open up that will have the list of the Shopkeeper and name of the ration card holders with their type of ration card.

In this way you can find out either your application for ration card is accepted or not or you have to wait more for your ration card. It is easy process, now one need not to go behind the shopkeeper for making the ration card and also have to pay nothing for that. It is totally free of cost.

Uttar Pradesh government govt issued card to its residence so that they can take benefits of their basic requirement and get their daily usages things on low rate compare to market and in free for the poor people. In spite of wheat and rice poor people also get lot of benefit because of the ration card. So poor people must apply for the ration card and avail the various benefits from their state government.

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