Know your EPF balance (UAN)

Know your EPF balance (UAN) 

If you want to know the current balance of your EPF account then you can easily do it in easy steps. There are many ways by which you can inquire about your balance and in the last few years there are many such facilities the EPFO has launched. One such facility that was recently launched is a mobile app and enquiry by giving a missed call. There are appreciable efforts that have been introduced by the EPFO. The department is introduced technology in the ways of working for the convenience of the citizens. 7 new digitalized ways for checking your EPF balance are listed below:

You can check Your EPF balance through your Universal Account number

This number is unique and is allotted to members of the EPF. This number remains constant even if the employee changes a company. The employee just need to tell the UAN to the next employer. Everyone can generate this number and even know it. According to EPFO, every UAN is given an account. With the UAN the EPF members get many facilities. Moreover, the concerned member also gets an SMS once the UAN is activated about the PF status and available balances.

You can also download your PF Passbook through UAN

One facility of the UAN portal is that you can download the EPF passbook from the portal. This can help you to track the monthly PF contribution of the member and the employer’s contribution. The balance as on that date will show in the passbook. If you want to get the complete summary of your transactions, then you can it through the passbook. But the members need to activate their UAN account to get this facility. You can then log in to the UAN account to enjoy this facility.

Download the passbook from the member’s portal

The members can also download the PF passbook from the Member’s portal. Before the UAN portal was introduced the PF passbook could be downloaded from the member’s portal.  This is the easiest way to get the PF passbook.

In case you forget the UAN password, it is yet easy to get your UAN passbook.  You need to log in the portal and from there you can download the passbook. For this you should only remember your PF number and you can easily download the PF passbook.

You also should register with your portal and this requires the details of KYC document. After this you can perform various actions and a one-time password is also sent to your registered mobile number for further authentication.

 The EPF Missed Call Service

This is the quickest and easiest way to know your PF account balance. You can give a missed call to the number and you can get the balance through an SMS. With this SMS you can know about the balance of your PF account. This is toll free and you can save this number for your convenience.

The EPF Mobile App

The EPF App is one of the best tech- savvy ways that EPFO has launched. You can easily know your balance and transactions history from the EPF App. This App also enables the members to activate their UAN account. Not only the members but even pensioners can know the status of their pensions using this account. The app can be downloaded only on the number that is registered. But this facility is also enabled for the members and those having UAN accounts. The UAN account can further be activated with the app.

EPF Enquiry through Message

If you want to know EPF Balance through SMS then also you just need to send a message in your language for inquiring the balance and you will get an SMS with the figures. This service is of great help when you cannot call from your mobile phone due to any reason. This method is more beneficial than the missed call alert. You can rectify all your details as well in this method. You can also know about the KYC documents that have been used for authentication. You can even know whether your account and bank details are available with EPFO using this method.

Check on the online site

The traditional way of checking your balance online is through the EPF balance online. This is the first recommendation that even Google lists. You can know your PF balance just by giving your PF number and registered mobile number. Then all the details about the employee and employer contributions will be sent to your registered mobile number.

In this method of PF balance inquiry, you give your PF membership detail at ‘Know your PF balance. You can also use these easy steps to know the updated figure of your balance.

Select the EPFO office where you have your account number registered.

If you do not have the details of the extension, you can leave it blank. After this you need to enter your PF account number and the mobile number. Once all the data is provided, you will receive an SMS with the balance of your account.

Why is tracking your PF balance important?

You all must check your PF account balance always regularly as at times your employer might skip filing it for you and hence your balance will not grow. It is very important for everyone to keep a track of every transaction in your PF account and ensure that things are in the right place.

At times you might feel that your balance is less than what you calculated, following could be the reasons for it:

At times the employer contribution does not completely goes in your PF account as some part of it might go in your pension account. Hence due to this deduction the balance might seem less.

At times the EPF contribution is not accumulated from the beginning. Only the current contributions are calculated at times and hence the balance looks very less in the last years. The EPF contribution also increases with the increment in salary. It could also be a possibility that the pF balance is not updated as it is normally done at the end of the year. The EPFO shows the current status of your account.

There could also be a withdrawal from your EPF account hence that could be the reason for the reduced figure in your EPF account.

The PF amount is like a saving that will be fruitful after your retirement hence, you should keep it safe and protect it till that time. You should not withdraw it after you change jobs.

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