Haryana Muft Bima Yojana

All about Muft Bima Yojana which Introduced in the state of Haryana

In recent times, the Haryana state which is ruled by the Bharatiya Janata Party has experiencing several welfare schemes for the improvement of the state people. On the end of the last year, the chief minister of the state Mr. Manohar Lal Khattar introduced the free insurance scheme for farmers and cattle breeders with the intention of making sure those eligible people getting sufficient cash flow. Now the free insurance scheme gets extended to the state merchant/business men under the name of Muft Bima Yojana in the state of Haryana

Haryana Muft Bima Yojana

What is Muft Bima Yojana?

Muft bima Yojana – is a free insurance scheme to the eligible people that eventually protects them by ensuring the sufficient cash flow during the unexpected events. Recently, the state Chief Minister approved the inclusion of the merchants/business men under this scheme so the small and medium level businessmen in the state would be benefited under this scheme.

Launch date and Covered Area

This free insurance scheme which included with the merchants/businessmen of the state gets approval from the state assembly and it is expected to be launched by the state chief minister by the end of the march around 26th. Under this scheme, both urban and rural areas are covered businessmen from both areas will be eligible to avail the benefits of this free insurance scheme.

Demands under MUFT bima Yojana

  • Dealers Relief Funds: As the government of the state Haryana includes the business people and startup owners into the free insurance scheme, the eligible people can demand for crop lifting facility, Dealers relief Funds and cheap power supply for the commercial places.
  • Proper Educations for Selling Agricultural Products: Under this newly proposed free insurance scheme, the eligible merchant or business men of the Haryana state must process degree of B.Sc minimum in order to sell agricultural products like pesticides and others.
  • GST Registration: Eligible Merchants or business people from the state can demand the time extension for the registering under the new unified GST (Goods & Service Tax)
  • VAT Refund: This scheme allows the eligible merchants to demand the VAT refund for about 25L once the GST (Goods & Service Tax) gets implemented all over the nation.
  • Special care for Small Business people: Under this new insurance scheme, small merchants from the state able to get special care from the government in form of specially designed insurance scheme.
  • Honors for Tax Payers: Under this upcoming insurance scheme, demand can be made by the rightful merchants who are paying more taxes than the preferred general limits should be treated with some special honor.
  • CCTV Facility: In order to provide safety and proper governance by the government, the demand for placing CCTV surveillances in markets, roads and all other important places in every cities.

Event under the Muft Bima yojana in Haryana

For the successful implementation of this Muft Bima Yojana in the state, the state government of Haryana is about to conduct the business people conference, where the eligible merchants can take part in it and raise their demands to the state government. The head of Haryana state trade union Mr. Shiv Kumar Jain has expressed his positive sign of this historic trader’s conference which going to be conducted soon in the state will includes all business class people. To participate in the Trader’s conference, business people from cities, towns and even from the rural areas have been invited.


As the newly proposed free insurance scheme for the business people of the state of Haryana covers all the business classes together, the growth of the business sector is assured. And the impact of the upcoming trader’s conference for this insurance scheme going to be a limelight issue all over the nation, since the conference would covers many beneficial demands by business peoples to the state government of Haryana..

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