e-Dharti Geo Portal

e-Dharti Geo Portal for Mapping of all Govt. Properties in Delhi (Login Online)

The central government has been meaning to launch a new portal, from where government agencies and common people will be able to derive information about the land and properties, which are registered in the name of the central and the state governments. Finally, the portal is ready and has been named the e-Dharti Geo Portal. The portal contains information about the properties, which come under the jurisdiction of Delhi state government. Soon, the details of other state government-owned properties will be available through the portal.

e-Dharti Geo Portal

Launch details of the portal

Name of the portal e-Dharti GeoPortal
Launched in India
Launched by Hardeep Puri
Date of launch June 2019
Supervised by Land and Development Office Department
Official website address http://umd.nic.in/edharti/Master.aspx


Key features of the portal

  1. Gain information about the property – The primary aim behind the launch of this scheme to offer both government departments and common people about the details of all properties, which have been registered under the central and/or state governments. The portal will highlight the address of every property separately.
  2. See the location on the map – Apart from getting the address and other related details, interested candidates will be able to pinpoint the location of the properties. Government officials and people will be able to attain details of 8000 properties. The portal will soon upload details and location of 57,000 other properties.
  3. Issuance of property card – In case the property is on a lease, the lessee will be able to generate a Property card from through the portal.
  4. Highlight occupancy status – The officers, in charge of looking after the government properties, will be able to keep a tab on the occupancy status of each property.
  5. Details about encroachment – If any of the government properties have been illegally occupied by anyone; the portal will highlight those details as well. So, the website will make it easy for the government officials to safeguard the properties from illegal encroachment.
  6. Integrating different modules – Apart from the facilities mentioned above, the portal will soon be integrated and digitized to offer information about three separate modules. These are Mortgage Permission, Sale Permission, and Gift Permission, respectively. The Delhi government is trying its best to make the portal fully operational as soon as possible.
  7. Offers transparency and accountability – The portal offers easy access to property related information. Thus, it will eliminate corruption from the system and enforce transparency.

How to log in on the e-dharti portal?

  1. If you want to check out the portal or search for any particular property’s details, then click on the link http://umd.nic.in/edharti/Master.aspx.
  2. The government officials and registered applicants can type in their user ID and password.
  3. Then they will have to type in the capchat code and click on the button that is marked as “Login.”
  4. There is another link, marked as the “Citizen GIS Portal.” If the common people click on this link, then the map of New Delhi will pop up on the screen.
  5. There is a search bar on top of the map, where you can type in the address or name of a locality, and that area will be in focus.

The central government has announced that the portal will soon offer other property related details. Once the portal is fully operational, it will be tested to see how well it fairs with the common people and government officials. If it yields satisfactory results, then other states will be incorporated in the portal as well. The portal has been launched by the central government and will include details of every state individually. It will take some time to develop the website.

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